Defective Drug Lawsuit Loans

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Defective drug lawsuit loans

Failing health is a terrifying thing that could happen to you or a loved one. 

At times like those, we put so much trust into pharmaceutical drugs. Usually, those drugs are what prevent the dire situation from escalating. 

That is one of the reasons why it is so difficult when those drugs are defective. When defective drugs enter the market, they cause many adverse effects on the health of those who take them. These effects may range anywhere from short-term to life-long.

Sometimes, the drug may not work at all. But in the most unfortunate cases, the defects may cause the person involved to lose their life. 

While legal cases may not always be that unfortunate, the complications from defective drugs may require additional medical fees for a predicament that was never in your plans. You should be compensated for such inconveniences and costs.

However, the process of getting reparations for such damages is not a walk in the park. Your bills do not stop coming during the litigation process, both daily costs and the additional medical bills for alleviating the issues caused by the defective drug from a pharmaceutical company. 

Some people find themselves struggling to cope financially at this point. That, coupled with the emotional impact, makes defective drug cases difficult to handle. 

A Defective Drug Lawsuit Loan from Baker Street Funding would help ease the stress on the financial aspect, leaving you to focus better on winning your case.

What exactly is a lawsuit loan?

First off, at Baker Street Funding, we don’t technically offer traditional loans. What we offer are non-recourse lawsuit cash advances against your expected settlement claims. 

That means that instead of using your assets as collateral, your only commitment is your future settlement. As such, if you lose your case, you are free from the debt and will not have to repay the advance. 

That is the difference between non-recourse legal funding and a regular loan. 

With Baker Street Funding, there is no reason for you to be pushed further into debt if your lawsuit fails. And with that realization, you should have the freedom to live your life without any unnecessary stress.

How does this loan help me during my defective drug lawsuit? 

There are different ways of litigating pharmaceutical defective drugs. You can file an individual case, or if there are multiple victims of that particular oversight, you can join them for a class-action lawsuit to recover your damages. 

Whatever angle you choose, your bills and legal expenses will still have to be paid. However, the settlement and compensation might take a while to get to you. 

Some pharmaceutical companies involved in these lawsuits have tactics to prolong the case as much as possible. They file for appeals, ask for continuances, and make the legal process drag to a halt. They aim to ensure that the legal fees and every other daily expense pile up and become unbearable for the plaintiff. They have nearly limitless coffers funding the lawsuit, and they would not shy away from using it to their advantage. 

If you were struggling financially before filing the lawsuit, these unwanted surprises could damage your financial integrity. They could also have you frustrated and leaping at the first settlement offer so that you could get the case over with. 

This state of mind could make you agree on a minimum settlement that won’t cover your expenses. Pre-settlement funding at this point could help you keep focused on the task at hand.

What is the lawsuit loan process?

Non-recourse cash advances are essential, and as such, we try to make them accessible to every victim of a defective pharmaceutical drug. 

At Baker Street Funding, our requirements for a lawsuit loan are not complicated. You have to get a lawyer, and it should be a contingency attorney. That’s a lawyer who takes their fees from a portion of the settlement. 

Once you have a contingency attorney who is willing to help you by providing us with all the required documentation, you can apply for a Pharmaceutical Drug Lawsuit Loan in a few easy steps:

  1. Apply In Minutes: Complete the online form with your details and let us take it from there. Ensure your attorney will be ready to talk to us.
  2. Evaluation: Once your attorney provides your case file, our personal injury attorneys will analyze your claim with your lawyer and decide your ability to win the case. 
  3. Approval: Our funding decision comes within twenty-four hours from when your lawyer sends your case documents. If approved, you both get a contract to execute. 
  4. Cash: Once we receive your funding contract, we will either send the money to your account or a check through next-day FedEx. 

What are the rates?

Many companies offering lawsuit loans usually inflate interest rates. The good news is that here at Baker Street Funding, we have one of the lowest rates in the industry for pharmaceutical drug lawsuit funding. 

Depending on the risk, our interest rates can range from 2.94%-3.4% of the advance in simple interest monthly, while many other companies may give you up to 5% in compound interest. 

Our interests are also capped at 2-3 years, depending on your case. That means that even if your case extends past two or three years, the interest does not keep growing past its cap year. That is to prevent expenses that would eat into your financial compensation when it does come.

How many pre-settlement loans can I take from my pharmaceutical drug claim?

It’s normal for a plaintiff to return once or twice more for additional funds. We know how protracted defective drug cases can get.

However, the amount of funding you can receive depends on your case. That is determined by how much your potential settlement would be and the strength of your case. A stronger case gets more funding.

Need a defective drug pre-settlement loan?

If you are in court over a defective drug lawsuit and you need some additional funding, Baker Street Funding is a perfect choice. Baker Street Funding is a top settlement funding company of drug lawsuit funding for pending pharmaceutical cases.

Our pre-settlement loan interest rates are low and capped at a maximum of three years, we have a twenty-four-hour response time, and you can be sure that you won’t have to pay a dime if you lose your case. 

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