Patent and IP litigation financing

Secure the capital you need with patent litigation funding.

Remain on top by accessing the tools needed to mount a strong case against parties who infringe on your patents, copyrights, trademarks, and trade secrets. Baker Street Funding provides non-recourse capital for qualified patent disputes.

Patent litigation financing

Patent Litigation Funding from Baker Street Funding helps businesses and intellectual property attorneys cover the substantial costs associated with IP lawsuits, usually involving multiple claimants, significant discovery and specialist costs, parallel trials, complicated appeals, and years of litigation. Let us allow you to drive innovation while securing the intellectual property that drives you to success.

Why Baker Street Funding?​

Baker Street Funding is one of the most known patent litigation financiers in the United States, a trusted advisor to sophisticated patent owners and litigation counsel.

Experience and expertise

We design a system that works for everybody involved in the legal funding transaction, and we have the experience and expertise. We recognize the complexities of the modern paradigm of patent monetization.

Designed to maximize value

We aim to work with patent holders and litigators to design transactions that maximize value for all parties involved so they can handle those challenges better.

We recognize the victory of your litigation

Attorneys and funding companies like Baker Street Funding recognize the major benefits from litigation victories. We recognize that transactions succeed only if everybody shares the risk and the upside, and design systems are compatible with that principle.

Advantages of patent and IP legal financing.

Litigation funding for law firms

Better use of capital.

Retain capital while pursuing robust legal claims. Even if you have the resources to pursue the lawsuit, as a patent owner you could benefit from funding so that the funds can be better used as working capital.

Non-recourse, no risks.

Reduce the risk of uncertain patent litigation. In the existence of a patent dispute, there are several phases where a case may be defeated or reduced. Secure non-recourse litigation funding from Baker Street Funding, and defend against some of these risky endeavor. Patent litigation funding has not risk. If you don't win your claim, you will be exempt from paying back the investment.

Litigation financing capital borrowing
Litigation financing for commercial cases

Better settlement outcome.

Don't settle for a low-ball settlement because of restricted funds. Litigation financing for patent holder claimants may improve access to negotiate for a more fair settlement due to the substantial financial backing from the financier.

Take on better cases.

For lawyers of patent owners, lower the cost of contingency plans and free up valuable resources to take on new high-value patent claims or use the capital to cover an existing portfolio of patent lawsuits. All litigation, and expected settlement decisions will continue to be made by the lawyer and the patent owner.

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Explore your options.

Without the fear of being buried in litigation costs or causing undue risk to the business of the patent holder, we offer claimant, companies, and law firms the freedom to pursue strong patent claims.  To explore your options, contact us today at 888-711-3599.

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A patent is a right given to an inventor that allows them, for a limited time, to prohibit others from making, selling, or using their invention. But they also have to turn to the courts in order for a patent holder to secure fair and proper value for their property rights. Patent holders will face big, well-capitalized defendants here who have limitless resources to battle claims for litigation. Not only would these defendants aggressively contest in court the charges of infringement and the validity of the patent, but they and other third parties can also bring numerous challenges to the validity of the patent before the Patent and Trademark Office of the United States of America.
These variables mean that patent litigation is often riskier and more costly than other litigation forms. This makes patent litigation particularly well-suited to third-party support, which provides a claimant with the tools required to pursue a case to its conclusion while mitigating some of the risk along the way.

Patent cases are costly. IP is a rapidly shifting area, often spanning several jurisdictions and countries, where newly fought cases can set precedents that enable lawyers to change gears and develop new attack plans, but all come with costs. Fees in this range make cases worth managing, but many lawyers and firms would need an inflow of capital to help continue business as normal.

Litigation funding is a powerful weapon in the legal battle against well-capitalized defendants.  Regardless of what form of patent infringement a lawyer or corporation is battling against or whether its client is fighting it out in a courtroom or a deposition, funding for patent litigation offers a proven way for businesses to obtain an advance on projected payments resulting from their lawsuit. 

Litigation funds may be used to cover different case-fighting expenses or to help the company’s operating costs, thus ensuring sustained growth and performance.

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