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A law firm funding company that helps turn today’s financial goals into tomorrow’s reality.

Law firm funding provides contingency fee-based attorneys large pools of capital to cover marketing or staff expenses as well as litigation costs. Baker Street Funding provides financing options for attorneys and law firms — at a low rate. Baker Street Funding can finance your law firm faster and cheaper than any other lender in the United States. You could get a 2% simple interest and an additional 2% flat underwriting fee for the life of the loan. There is no limitation to how you use the capital you take from us; thus, you can enhance your law firm in the best way you see fit.


Law firm financing
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What does better funding look like?
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Baker Street Funding is the only company in the United States providing special relationship-based pricing for law firms that refers clients’ cases. Our non-recourse loans for law firm clients gives you fixed (non-compounding) interest with a 2 to 3-year capped rate.

2% – 3 % monthly non-compounding

For all attorney referrals.

What is law firm funding?

Law firm funding is a non-recourse type of loan that provides attorneys and legal practices with more considerable capital against their cases than conventional lending institutions. Unlike traditional loans such as SBA loans for lawyers, bank loans, and business loans for law firms, la firm funding is a viable option for attorneys and law offices looking to alleviate the uneven cash flow cycle connected with contingency basis and all practice areas without putting up any assets. Law firm funding is a critical solution to maximize the growth of your business.

The smart way to grow your law firm.

Law firm financing enables lawyers and law firms to be compensated for future income by utilizing non-recourse capital. This type of financing permits investors to be compensated only from the profits generated by the successful settlement or the award of a legal case. If the case ends as a loss, a litigation finance firm cannot collect payment from any other assets. Another advantage is that there are no fixed payment schedules. Depending on your financial status and field of activity, financing may also assist in resolving collection issues.

The first law firm funding company that lets you finance your legal case—for less.

Our vast legal and financial expertise enables us to comprehend your firm’s business objectives and matters regardless of the sort of cases you handle. Following are some of the benefits of availing of law firm financing from Baker Street Funding.

Get simple interest rate at 2% monthly

While most lenders charge compounding interest on non-recourse financing, Baker Street Funding works differently. We are the only law firm financing company in the industry that charges rates on capital drawn on your line of credit and not on interest. Plus, there are no pre-payment penalties, maintenance, or draw fees—get interest rates at 2% non-compounding with a 2% flat fee, both on drawn capital only.

Access fast cash in hand in 72 hours

Baker Street Funding allows attorneys and legal firms to monetize intangible assets, create operating money, and, when required, establish a buffer for personal costs—with cash in hand in 72 hours or less.

Expand your law firm with a well capitalized firm

Baker Street Funding's investment financing for law firms helps attorneys and law firms to grow their practices—for less cost. We also provide lawyers with much more capital for their legal matters than other firms.

More reasons to use law firm funding.

Attorneys use law firm funding because they require a consistent flow of working capital to operate properly and prosper in a competitive market when confronted with late payments, out-of-pocket legal fees, marketing initiatives, and extended proceedings. Without sufficient funds, law firms may be unable to conduct important financial initiatives aimed at acquiring new clients.

Third-party litigation funding companies

Non-recourse capital.

Legal funding for law firm practices is a safe and secure financing solution that allows lawyers to keep their assets intact. Funding your law firm means you are obtaining non-recourse capital in exchange for a percentage of the financial recovery from a single case or a pending portfolio of lawsuits.

Cover litigation expenses.

Law firm funding for lawyers is a novel way to cover litigation and law firm expenses, expand client services, and maximize cash flow. You could avoid lucrative forwarding cases to other law firms or dividing payments with other lawyers to save money.

Portfolio finance for law firms
Portfolio litigation funding

Take on complicated cases that can win.

Law firm funding empowers financially deprived parties with legitimate claims get the required capital to handle complicated litigation from deep pocketed defendants.

Law firm funding

See how law firm funding works.

Applying for law firm financing with Baker Street Funding is a simple and fast procedure that takes 72 hours. Connect with us to discuss your firm’s finance requirements. Our staff will review your request and suggest customized terms based on the investment’s significant risks, as well as the particular demands of your own law firm.

process 1


Once we receive your funding request, we will review your application package, including your basic information and list of cases.

process 2


We then proceed with our due diligence and set up a conference call to discuss any questions regarding your portfolio of cases or litigation experience.

process 3


Final terms are generated, and a contract is sent for your approval. Once approved and executed, we will wire out the law firm funds to your business account that day.

Check out our different types of financing products for law firms.

Whether you are looking for financing for your law firm’s clients, need funding for a new law firm, or are contemplating a law firm line of credit, Baker Street Funding offers more ways to invest in your case.

Ready to partner with Baker Street Funding?

Access working capital to help run your law firm or cover litigation costs. Submit your funding request or call us at 888-711-3599 to learn more about your options.


This short explanation on creating your own law firm will assist you in determining the steps necessary to establish and operate your law firm.
The financing of a law firm is an extremely sensitive subject for attorneys and legal professionals to address. If you are an attorney running or managing a law firm, it is vital to understand and discuss the financials of a law firm.

Have a financial plan

When starting and operating a law firm, it is vital to have a documented financial plan in place to anticipate important financial elements. Having a thorough strategy can also assist you in determining your anticipated cash flow. Additionally, a financial plan may include details regarding your firm’s current monetary condition.

Be realistic

The more realistic and accurate the information in these plans, the better equipped you will be to choose the most appropriate financing structure for your law firm. Having a financial strategy in place is a significant undertaking. However, it is also important to collaborate with financial advisers and accountants who have a track record of success in dealing with attorneys who founded their own law firms.

Getting more help

Several non-profits and other organizations provide helpful tools, business plan models, and even subsidized services to attorneys interested in starting their own law firm.
Take your time to make the best financial decisions for you, your law firm, and your clients. Acquaint yourself with the numerous financing choices we provide and speak with a representative from Baker Street Funding today.

Law firms get funding through legal funding companies or banks. Law firms work in a highly competitive climate marked by rising client expectations and lower pressure on legal prices. When a law firms’ financing choice is a bank loan such as an SBA loan and other traditional means, these options sometimes force partners to put their personal assets on the line to raise funds for the firm’s expansion and operations.

Baker Street Funding offers lawyer financing including post-settlement financing for attorneys, funding for plaintiffs, case cost funding, medical funding, litigation and arbitration funding, portfolio funding, and lines of credit for law firms—all on a non-recourse basis.

Baker Street Funding also provides law firm start loans (also known as law firm start-up grants). Contact us at (888) 711-3599 to learn more.

Our funding options extend to a wide range of practice areas including personal injury claims, mass torts, and corporate disputes.

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