Hit and Run Accident Loans

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hit and run accident loans

Hit and run accidents

The spike in the number of hit and run accidents in the United States has made it almost impossible for victims to get quick compensation for their cases. 

In 2016, NHTSA Fatality Analysis Reporting System (FARS) reported 2,049 fatalities attributed to hit and run accidents. The report added that a hit and run accident happens somewhere in the United States every 43 seconds.

What are a hit and run accidents?

In simple terms, an accident is regarded as a hit and run when at least one person involved in the crash flees the scene without leaving (sufficient) information, reporting the accident, or rendering any form of aid to the injured party.

Hit and run accidents increase the severity of the outcome due to delayed or absence of medical attention for the victim.

It may interest you to know that an average of 682,000 hit and run crashes occur every year in the U.S since 2006, and at least 65% of the people killed in a hit and run accident were pedestrians and bicyclists.

Because the number of hit and run accident fatalities in the United States has been on the rise since 2009 (with an average increase of 7.2 per year), you can understand why hit and run accident litigations are becoming more protracted.

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As you can imagine, a protracted lawsuit imposes a financial burden on the plaintiffs and their families. 

In the case of a fatal hit-and-run accident, the victim’s family will have to contend with the incurred medical bills and other financial commitments during litigation. Not to mention the loss of companionship and lack of support from the deceased.

To tide you over the financial burden of protracted hit-and-run litigations, you can apply for Baker Street Funding hit and run lawsuits loans. 

Why choose Baker Street Funding hit and run lawsuit loans?

Firstly, have it at the back of your mind that what we offer hit and run accident plaintiffs is best described as a cash advance on a pending lawsuit.

Getting a cash advance on your pending lawsuit means that you can apply for our pre-settlement funding and get up to 20% of the potential settlement amount while litigations are ongoing.

Interestingly, these loans are non-recourse loans, and repaying the agreed loan amount is contingent upon the case settling in your favor.

So, if you lose the case, you don’t have to worry about repaying the loan. And this is why our lawsuit loans are regarded as a non-recourse cash advance on a pending lawsuit.

In addition to our “non-recourse loan offer,” other reasons why you should opt for our hit and run lawsuit loans include:

  • You will get approval within 24 hours
  • We don’t do credit checks — so, you can always apply for our lawsuit loans regardless of credit score.
  • We don’t do employment checks
  • We offer incredibly low and flexible monthly non-compounding rates of between 1.5% to 3.4%. 
  • No upfront costs 
  • We offer free consultations.

To get started on your lawsuit loan application, all you have to do is fill out our short application form, and our team of underwriters will take it up from there. We leverage the best technology to ensure smooth submission and evaluation of your lawsuit loan application. 

What are the common causes of hit and run accidents?

According to a recent report by AAA foundation for traffic safety, 20% of pedestrian deaths within the past ten years were caused by a hit-and-run accident.

Here are everyday situations that often result in a hit and run accident:

  • Drunk driving — the driver could be driving under the influence of alcohol and flee the accident scene to avoid the charges.
  • It could also be that the driver is inexperienced, has outstanding tickets, or is underage.
  • The driver could have other legal problems and is trying to avoid another.
  • Often, panicked drivers flee the scene because they don’t know how to handle the situation.

What to do if you are involved in a hit and run accident?

If you are ever involved in a hit and run, it’s always best to notify the police first so that they can start tracking down the driver. Hopefully, the police apprehend the guilty party; you can file your claim against their insurance company.

If the hit and run driver cannot be found, you will have to file your claims with your insurance company.

So, try as much as possible to get information about the driver’s vehicle — take note of the color, vehicle model, and license plate number. Take photos of the scene — It will serve as evidence in your case. Then, consult a professional hit and run attorney to discuss your options. 

While you are at it, remember that your safety is the priority. Seek medical attention and get yourself checked whether you will need any treatment.

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