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Injuries suffered when a body part is stuck between two objects or surfaces are excruciatingly painful. Random people can fall victim to such injuries almost anywhere.

These can range from roads witnessing thousands of tragic calamities each year to construction sites and factories where people face accidents rather rarely.

The pressure exerted by two objects on a certain part of the body penetrating between them is very dangerous. The injury can result in damage to both: that particular body part, as well as the rest of the body.

Most reported crush injury cases pertaining to road traffic and workplace accidents, followed by sudden and natural calamities, including earthquakes, mining accidents, bridge collapses, etc.

Crush injuries and their fatality

To suffer from a crush injury that can be counted as fatal, the person doesn’t need to stay stuck between the objects for very long.

More surprising than not, crush injuries can be suffered even when the crushing pressure has been exerted for merely a split of a second.

The symptoms aren’t very apparent instantaneously, except for severe pain that may break in after a delay or numbness around the affected part after being released from the pressure.

Crush injuries aren’t inherently life-threatening unless the pressure is profusely immense and the duration for which the body part was crushed is dangerously long.

Post-injury complications

Crush injuries, if not addressed instantly, pose considerably more risk to life than most other injuries. These can be deceptively deadly injuries, too, having implications that set in after everything seems normal.

One such complication is that of crush syndrome. This medical condition was discovered in 2010 after the destructive Haiti earthquake. Crush syndrome or rhabdomyolysis occurs when muscles stay crushed for extended periods. When blood flow and supply of oxygen are hindered to these muscles, they begin to die. In this course, the muscles release toxic substances like potassium, myoglobin, purines, and phosphate circulated around the body once the muscle is released from pressure, causing renal failure and heart attack.

Another post-injury complication is of compartment syndrome. This condition sets in when the muscles are compressed for extended periods. Hence, blood or other fluid gets accumulated into such compartments. Since the compartments do not extend, the affected area is stripped of an adequate blood supply, causing tissue damage. However, if a sizable area has been affected, the tissue damage can even lead to death.

Pre-settlement funding for crush injuries

Victims that are made to suffer these injuries due to no fault of their own are at liberty to bring in successful legal actions against the perpetrators of harm and get the pre-settlement legal funding they need while their litigation is ongoing. 

Crush injuries entail life-threatening wounds and are only suffered in extremely vulnerable situations in which the victim is fortunate enough to survive. For this reason, victims can establish harm that occurred to them rather easily and secure a handsome award of damages in their favor.

While you wait for the personal injury settlement, you could qualify for up to 10% of your expected settlement or award through lawsuit funding.

While you bring in legal action against the liable party and claim damages, as well as compensation for pain, suffering, emotional anguish, trauma, and the loss of opportunity flowing from the said injury, contact us at 888-711-3599 to apply for the cash advance you need from your crush injury.

Pre-settlement lawsuit funding for crush injuries can considerably help you get the chances to get the settlement you deserve because you will be able to pay your bills while your attorney fights for the best settlement for your case, again to your own benefit, instead of settling for a low-valued compensation.

Ease your burden with pre-settlement funding

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