Fatal Work Accident

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Fatal labor accident lawsuit funding

According to the International Labour Organization report, approximately 2.3 million individuals succumb to work-related accidents annually all across the world.

This means an estimated 6,000 workers die every single day in fatal work accidents. This staggering number indicates the severity of fatal work accidents pervasive worldwide. 

Although the number of deaths varies from country to country, all countries have reported a high number of wrongful deaths in workplaces. Let’s discuss cases of fatal work accidents and the legal remedies available to the legal heirs of the deceased.

The International Labor Organization has framed guidelines to ensure a safe working environment for workers all across the world. 

Similarly, the national legislative bodies of the members of the international community have enacted laws to impose legal responsibilities on employers to ensure the safety of their workers. 

In spite of all these international and national legal instruments and regulations, the number of fatal workplace accidents is increasing with time. In fact, workers associated with the construction industry have reported the highest number of cases as compared to other sectors due to the peculiar working conditions.

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If you have lost your loved work in a fatal workplace accident, you are entitled to bring a lawsuit against the employer. Employers are legally bound to ensure a safe working environment, provide training to employees to comply with safety protocols, provide safety equipment and take all substantial measures to reduce the risk of harm caused to employers.

However, if the employers fail to take these reasonable steps and their negligence causes the death of an employee, they are responsible for the death. With this said, you are entitled to hold them accountable for their failure. 

The loss of a loved one results in emotional pain and suffering and causes financial issues, such as funeral expenses. Although you are entitled to claim monetary compensation for the wrongful death of your loved one on the working premises, the suffering does not stop there.

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