Chemical Fire Pre-Settlement Funding

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Chemical fire lawsuit funding

Fires constitute a significant proportion of all the industrial accidents brought into ERs every day. It is prevalent for fires to erupt during industrial processes. However, these fires can often go out of hand in no time and result in injuries as even casualties if not handled timely and correctly.

Factories and industrial units that manufacture, store or utilize chemicals are usually at high caution for fires. Amongst these, factories that use hydrocarbons, industrial alcohols, or other easily flammable liquids, mixtures, and gases are at even greater risk of fires.

Chemical fires burn at far higher temperatures than the typical wood fire, giving off dangerous amounts of heat and fumes, causing property loss and suffocation to nearby surroundings. Where chemicals are burning, it is common for containers and drums to explode at certain times, further aggravating the loss caused by fire.

Causes of chemical fires

Reactions cause most chemical fires reported in industries during processes and mixing. When wrong proportions of highly reactive chemicals or gases are combined, the results can be destructive. Certain industrial chemicals are temperature-sensitive, and keeping them in abnormal atmospheres can result in them catching fire. Also, poor maintenance of industrial premises, violations of industrial regulations, improper storage, and human error can be other reasons. 

Victims at most risk

Employees working in such industrial units are the first victims to fall victim to chemical fires. They may go through immense physical pain and suffering, depending upon the injuries they suffer from. Chemical fire injuries can result in severe, third-degree burns where the skin is almost completely destroyed beyond complete healing. While trapped or trying to escape the fire, victims may also suffer from broken bones, back and neck injuries, paralysis, and brain damage in cases of slips and falls.

Chemical fire pre-settlement funding

Employees or other classes of people who are victims of injuries resulting from chemical fires are prone to face immense hardships and challenges post-accident. These can vary from physical pain and suffering, psychological trauma and distress, to financial tribulations. Coupled with these adversities, victims of serious injuries may also be rendered unfit for work for a significant period, further obstructing any regular inflow of income. These can turn out to be severely testing times for such victims, making it tough for them to manage all at once.

However, victims can sue their employer or any other person whose fault resulted in them sustaining such injuries. The victims, or potential plaintiffs, would need to establish a strong case, linking the accused person’s actions or omission with the eventual injuries suffered by them.

In these cases, plaintiffs are often found choked of enough financial resources to manage household expenses along with rigorously contesting a personal injury lawsuit. Baker Street Funding offers lawsuit funding solutions with low-interest rates to assist victims of chemical fire injuries with their cash flow problems.

Plaintiffs can apply for these funds and receive them instantly upon fulfillment of certain formalities. The funds can be utilized to meet their everyday routine expenses, while the plaintiff can focus their own resources towards their legal battle.

The catch is that the plaintiffs do not owe the pre-settlement funding company anything if the lawsuit does not successfully end up in an award of damages or settlement. To apply for pre-settlement funding, victims or their family members can contact at (888) 711-3599 to instantly receive their fair calculation of lawsuit funding.

Ease your burden with pre-settlement funding

Dealing with a personal injury lawsuit involves much more than fighting legal battles. It brings emotional stress, physical pain, and financial worries. It’s a lot to handle, but you don’t have to do it alone. At Baker Street Funding, we understand the specific hardships you’re facing. That’s why we offer lawsuit loans to give you the financial relief you need, allowing you to focus on your recovery and your fight for justice.

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