Staircase Slip And Fall Accidents

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Stairwell fall accidents

Experiencing a stairway slip and fall can lead not only to severe injuries but also to significant financial distress. As medical bills accumulate and time away from work extends, you might find yourself struggling to manage day-to-day expenses.

Baker Street Funding offers a financial lifeline through pre-settlement funding, helping you gain early access to part of your expected lawsuit settlement. This immediate financial support allows you to cover urgent costs and maintain financial stability without the pressure to settle early for a lower amount.

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Understanding Stair Slip and Fall Accidents

Stair slip and fall accidents occur when negligence in maintaining safe stair conditions leads to an individual’s injury. These accidents can result from various factors that compromise stair safety.

According to the National Safety Council, falls are one of the leading causes of unintentional injuries in the United States, with staircases being a common site for such accidents. 

Common Causes of Stair Slip and Fall Incidents

Stair slip and fall accidents are often due to structural flaws, such as uneven steps or loose handrails, that make stairs unsafe. Such conditions can make it easy to lose your balance and fall. Stairs should be built to meet specific safety rules, known as building codes. When these standards aren’t met, the risk of accidents increases significantly.

Poor lighting can also be a big problem. If it’s hard to see the steps clearly, you might miss a step or trip over an unseen obstacle. This is especially dangerous in situations like descending into a dimly lit basement or using a poorly lit stairway in a parking garage. Add to this environmental dangers like rain or ice, particularly on outdoor stairs, and the risk of slipping escalates.

Work falls are also another common cause of multi-level stair fall accidents. In workplaces, employers have a duty to provide a safe environment for employees, including maintaining stairways in good condition. Failure to do so can result in serious injuries for workers.

Safety Regulations for Stair Safety

Stair safety is governed by a variety of standards and regulations designed to prevent accidents like slips, trips, and falls. Understanding these regulations can help victims and property owners alike recognize when a staircase isn’t up to code. Key regulations include:

  • Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). The ADA specifies that all public stairs must have handrails on both sides, a minimum tread width of 11 inches, and a maximum riser height of 7 inches. These standards are implemented for the protection and well-being of all individuals, including those who have disabilities.
  • Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA). OSHA’s regulations are particularly stringent regarding stair safety in the workplace. They require that all stairs used by employees must have uniform riser heights and tread depths between landings, among other specifications.
  • Local Building Codes. Local codes often dictate specific requirements for stair construction, including the materials used, the angle of the stair, and the presence of anti-slip surfaces. Compliance with these codes keeps stair users safe and protects property owners from being sued.

Evaluating Your Staircase Accident Lawsuit: Essential Steps to Maximize Compensation

After experiencing a fall on a staircase, the actions you take immediately can significantly influence the outcome of your legal claim for compensation.

First and foremost, prioritize your health by seeking medical attention, even if the injuries aren’t immediately apparent. Some injuries, like internal ones, might not show symptoms immediately but could be serious. Documented medical records are essential as they provide concrete evidence of your injuries and form a critical part of establishing your claim.

Next, document the scene. Take comprehensive photos as soon as possible, focusing on capturing any conditions that might have contributed to your accident, such as wet or icy steps, uneven stair treads, or inadequate lighting. These photos are vital evidence, as they show that the property’s conditions were unsafe and contributed directly to your accident.

It’s also important to report the incident immediately. Notify the property owner or manager and fill out an accident report, and make sure it details the hazardous conditions that led to your fall. Preserve all evidence related to the fall and your injuries, including medical records and receipts for expenses incurred. These documents are indispensable in demonstrating both the occurrence of the accident and its economic impact.

Once you have taken these immediate steps, it’s time to establish liability and work on building a strong legal case. Keep in mind that in staircase accidents, liability may extend beyond the property owner to include others responsible for the maintenance and safety of the property, such as property management companies, maintenance contractors, or even construction firms that may have been involved in the design or upkeep of the staircase

How to Establish Liability and Prove a Strong Lawsuit

Proving liability in stairway slip and fall cases rests on demonstrating clear hazards—defective steps, inadequate handrails, poor lighting—that contravene building codes. It’s critical to show that the property owner and other responsible parties, like maintenance companies, were aware or should have been aware of these dangers but failed to address them.

Effective documentation of the incident, including the duration of the hazard’s presence and its direct link to the accident, solidifies your claim by providing evidence of negligence and breach of duty.

The Value of Your Stair Slip and Fall Case

The severity of injuries from stair falls—often more serious than other slip and falls—can lead to substantial compensation. Factors influencing the value of your claim include the extent of injuries, such as multiple fractures or spinal damage, which require extensive medical care and may lead to long-term disability.

The defendant’s insurance coverage, and state fault laws, also play a critical role in shaping the compensation you can pursue. If the staircase in question is located in a neglected or old building, there may be restricted coverage. This can result in a limitation of your potential compensation.

Why You Need a Personal Injury Attorney

Stair slip and fall injuries aren’t only painful but also complex, especially when you face delays from insurance companies. Insurers might say the hazard was temporary or hard to see, or even suggest you were careless, like being distracted by your phone or carrying too much while going up or down the stairs. These tactics are intended to stretch out the settlement process, in hopes that you’ll settle for less due to growing financial pressures.

Hiring a skilled personal injury lawyer is absolutely necessary in these situations. Lawyers are well-versed in tackling the complicated nature of stair slip and fall cases and know how to counteract insurance company tactics effectively. They can also help you get pre-settlement funding. This means you could receive some money upfront to help cover your expenses while you wait for the final settlement of your case.

What is Pre-Settlement Funding for Staircase Slip and Fall Accidents?

Pre-settlement funding, also known as lawsuit loans or legal funding, is a cash advance for people with ongoing legal cases, including those recovering from staircase slip and fall injuries. This funding helps you manage expenses like medical bills and everyday living costs while you wait for your lawsuit to conclude.

Unlike traditional loans, pre-settlement legal funding is specifically designed around the merits of your lawsuit rather than your credit history or employment status. You receive this advance based on how strong your staircase accident case is.

This means if your lawsuit doesn’t succeed, you aren’t obligated to repay the funding. This feature allows you to pursue your case with peace of mind, knowing that you won’t face financial burdens if the outcome isn’t favorable.

Benefits of Pre-Settlement Legal Funding 

If you’ve been hurt in a slip and fall accident because of dangerous conditions on the staircase, pre-settlement funding can be a lifesaver. These types of accidents often lead to serious injuries that need quick and ongoing medical treatment. With pre-settlement funding, you can get the financial help you need right away, and ease the pressure of mounting bills during your recovery.

Additionally, pre-settlement legal funding also helps balance the scales in legal battles. Sometimes, those you’re suing might drag out the lawsuit, hoping you’ll settle for less because you’re running out of money. Access to pre-settlement funding means you can continue pursuing your case until a fair settlement is reached.

Funding Eligibility and Application for Staircase Accident Loans

To qualify for a lawsuit funding advance, you must have a strong staircase accident lawsuit. Your lawyer’s cooperation is required to proceed with the case evaluation.

Getting started is easy. Simply reach out to Baker Street Funding at (888) 711-3599 to discuss your case. We’ll work closely with your slip and fall attorney to obtain all necessary information and documents pertaining to your stairway accident claim and injuries. These documents will include medical records, ER reports, evidence such as photos of the staircase, insurance coverage, etc.

As soon as we have everything we need, we’ll make a funding decision quickly—often within 24 to 48 hours, with funds available shortly after approval. Once you successfully resolve your case, your lawyer will utilize the settlement or judgment proceeds to satisfy the agreed repayment sum to Baker Street Funding, which includes both the principal and interest charges.

Why Baker Street Legal Funding?

Baker Street Funding is proud to offer some of the lowest rates in the industry, so that you receive the maximum benefit from your settlement. Our dedicated team provides financial solutions with compassion and understanding, recognizing the challenges you face during difficult times.

How We Support Staircase Accident Victims

Downtown Office Building Incident

In 2018, a business professional sustained severe injuries from a fall on a poorly lit staircase in a downtown office building. The stairs didn’t meet local building codes, having uneven steps and insufficient handrails.

With the help of Baker Street Funding, the victim could cover all lawsuit-related expenses, which enabled her attorney to secure a substantial settlement. This settlement covered medical bills, ongoing therapy, and lost income during recovery, so that the victim didn’t have to settle for less due to financial pressure.

Shopping Mall Accident

On a winter visit to a large shopping mall, a customer slipped on an icy staircase and suffered a traumatic brain injury. Investigations revealed that the mall had neglected to apply necessary anti-slip coatings to the stairs.

With Baker Street Funding’s assistance, the victim received $50,000 to support him and his family through the trial. This financial support allowed the client to pursue the case without settling early, resulting in the court awarding punitive damages for the mall’s gross negligence. The case acts as a reminder for property owners to take their responsibility seriously to avoid negligence.

Ready to Take the Next Step?

Don’t let financial stress affect your recovery and legal strategy. Contact Baker Street Funding today at (888) 711-3599 to see how we can help support your journey toward a fair settlement. Our experts are ready to assist you.

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