Slip And Fall On Ice Lawsuit Loans

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Slip and fall on ice

Slip and fall incidents are common occurrences during the winter season. We all have either experienced slip and fall on the ice or witnessed slip and fall incidents throughout our lives. Every winter walking around becomes dangerous for people. Snow, ice, and slush accumulate and cause slippery conditions in areas such as sidewalks, stairways, building entrances, etc. 

If you fall in front of people, it may be embarrassing, and you may try to escape the scene and put it under the carpet. However, slip and fall cases can result in serious injuries.

Here we will discuss the legal avenues a person can avail of after a slip and fall accident and how legal funding for slip and fall on ice and snow may help.

Slip and fall accidents on ice may result in serious injuries. The most common injuries include broken bones, back fractures, bruises, spinal cord injuries, and traumatic brain injuries. Depending on the severity of injuries, you will have to pay medical bills; you may experience lost wages, along with the emotional cost of pain and suffering. Therefore, an injury can potentially change your life.

If you have suffered injuries in a slip and fall accident due to another person’s negligence, you are entitled to claim compensation for the injuries caused to you. You can claim compensation to pay for your medical bills and fulfill other financial needs.

The most common type of legal claim in slip and fall accidents is premises liability. This means you can file a lawsuit against the owner of premises on which you have fallen and suffered injuries. The owner of every premise is legally bound to ensure the safety of visitors; if the owner fails to take reasonable care imposed by law and causes injury to the visitor, the victim is entitled to claim damages. 

If you have experienced slip and fall on ice, don’t be embarrassed about it. Consult a doctor to get yourself checked. If you have suffered injuries, which require medical treatment, you can file a compensation case.

Lawsuit funding for slip and fall on ice cases

Lawsuit settlement claims may take months to be finally decided. During this period, you may struggle with your finances. Determining your spending habits is not always flexible, and when you don’t have the funds to move forward with your litigation, it may be hard to get the justice you deserve.

Check out Baker Street Funding’s legal financing to rescue you while your attorney fights for the settlement you deserve. You can file an application for pre-settlement funding at any stage of your ice slip and fall lawsuit. If your application is accepted, you will receive lawsuit funding to pay your bills with low rates and non-compounding.

Pre-settlement lawsuit funding for slip and fall cases is non-recourse. This means you will only reimburse the borrowed funds after the final settlement of your lawsuit. There are no credit or employment checks and the process takes 24-48 hours.

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