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Incoherence with a dedicated framework of statutes, the constitution guarantees the right to protection of person to all citizens of the state. This means that every citizen’s integrity must be protected, and if harmed, may be compensated by the person causing such under the law. Persons having suffered personal injuries are hence at liberty to bring in legal action against perpetrators of harm. Personal injuries may not necessarily be only physical wounds, apparent due to a scar or a cut. They can even be mental injuries, resulting in psychological defects or loss of senses.

Compensation for loss of senses

Every year, hundreds of compensation claims are brought in by people suffering from injuries depriving them of senses. These injuries may be caused due to no-fault accidents, amongst other reasons. These accidents are caused due to no fault of the victim. Instead, the liability befalls upon someone else whose action or inaction had caused the accident. These senses may include loss of sight, smell, and taste. These injuries cause impaired human experience and even render the victims completely disabled for life. The reason for such impairment may be deprivation of sensory reception from traumatic injuries to the brain or destruction of sensory organs, for example, the eye. Injuries to the senses can occur due to a number of reasons, the most common of which are major road traffic accidents, workplace accidents, or medical negligence.

Loss of sight

Loss of sight forces a person to alter their living habits and adapt to a new lifestyle. Impairment of vision, be it partial or full, means that a person’s entire life ahead may be dictated by loss of freedoms and dependence on external support and care. Loss of vision can occur from a multitude of happenings. It can either be a result of a physical blow to the eye, or a traumatic injury to the brain in a road accident. Moreover, exposure to extremely bright lights while working with electronic equipment or in a smelting plant may also result in partial blindness. A sharp object penetrating the eye, a speck of dirt or dangerous particle, or a drop of chemical splash lodged into the eye, or medical negligence during an ill-performed surgery may also cause loss of sight. Whatever be the cause, the victim is entitled to claim compensation for their injury, plus the damages that will likely be sustained because of it. Any persons or entities found to be at fault shall be liable to pay whatever amounts the court deems appropriate to award the victim. Where the claim is made against the employer, it will be seen if the employer owed a duty of care towards the victim and if that duty was breached.

Loss of taste & smell

Loss of senses of taste and smell often go hand-in-hand, but there can be instances where a person can fully sense one without the other. Loss of smell is medically known as anosmia and usually results from damage to olfactory systems that work as smell detectors. There can be many reasons why a person may be deprived of either of these senses. Other than aging or naturally caused infections, loss of smell may also be generated due to head trauma, damaging or impairing the nervous system’s sensory functions, or through constant exposure to strong, harsh chemicals or fumes. The exposure may damage the nerve endings inside the nose and mouth, hence impairment. When involved in accidents, victims of loss of senses receive severe blows to the brain’s frontal lobe, the part responsible for processing and identifying smells. Another cause may be an injury to the nose, bruising the internal linings severely, and damaging nerve endings. Loss of smell may not directly be linked to loss of any skills or abilities, rendering a person severely disabled or restricted for life. However, successful actions can still be brought in by arguing that the loss of taste and smell is bound to impact the quality of life severely, spoiling an essential life experience that is ordinarily taken for granted.

Bringing in an action & lawsuit funding

Plaintiffs looking forward to winning their settlements for loss of senses, but are restricted due to financial hardships, can benefit from lawsuit funding programs offered. These programs aim to enable plaintiffs to get a loan from their loss of senses litigation and pay for their regular expenses while robustly contesting their lawsuits against the persons at fault. The financing provided to plaintiffs may only be returned if the lawsuit ends in an award of damages or settlement. If no damages or compensation is received in any manner for your loss of sense lawsuit, you will not pay anything at all. Pre-settlement funding for losing your senses is a safe and risk-free source of a short-term financial fix for struggling plaintiffs.

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