Sexual Abuse Pre-Settlement Funding

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Sexual abuse pre-settlement funding

Instances of sexual abuse and harassment are now openly discussed and revealed by the victims against their perpetrators. Although reported by both genders, such abuse is mostly faced by women. Be it workplaces, universities, camps, public areas, foster homes, or churches; sexual abuse is increasingly being reported against offenders from all age groups. 

Sexual abuse and legal actions against it

Sexual abuse and harassment can take several forms, including inappropriate touching, fondling, uncomforting comments, assault, and rape. These are offenses liable to be tried at criminal law but can also be taken to civil courts if the victim wishes to claim compensation for them. Unlike other personal injury lawsuits, cases of sexual abuse are more critical and sensitive, whereby details of the claimant and the occurrence are confidential and to be kept concealed. As unfortunate as it can be, it is said that more than 54% of sexual abuse cases aren’t reported to the police. Even other than habitual offenders, perpetrators of sexual abuse are often devious people looking to exploit naïve victims and easy targets. They are known to come up with shrewd strategies to negate all contentions that they have committed any alleged abuse at all.

Sexual abuse cases mainly do not result in physical injuries or harm. However, the mental trauma, suffering, and the lifelong inflictions engraved into the victims’ memories result in significant psychological hardships. Victims are forced to live with this trauma for all their lives, which causes enjoyment of life to diminish severely. This is what the victims have to raise in order to succeed in their lawsuits. Victims are required to go about with their litigations in a cautious manner, gathering any and every chunk of evidence there is in order to establish their claim beyond a reasonable doubt.

Sexual abuse pre-settlement funding

Struggling with their mental trauma and emotional instability post an event of sexual abuse, victims are in no situation to continue living a normal life. With that being said, the odds of a victim keep working on with an absolutely healthy state of mind are next to none. In such a case, these victims looking to file lawsuits against their abusers are discouraged due to financial constraints.

It is here when pre-settlement funding programs offered by financial companies come into place. These are short-term ‘relief’ programs that help you buy peace of mind during the pendency of the lawsuit. The victims receive instant cash advances against their sexual abuse lawsuits, to be spent on their daily expenses or anything whatsoever. This money is provided so that the victims do not have to worry about their bread and butter and are not induced into approaching a compromise at undervalued settlement amounts. Suppose the lawsuit ends up successful or a settlement is reached. Once paid, the victim repays the funding company the principal borrowed amount and minimal interest rates.

In the same way, if the case does not end up successful, nothing is owed to the company, and the victim may walk away without any liability on himself. This is an attractive facility for victims faced with cash flow problems and can be resolved by simply applying for lawsuit funding from Baker Street Funding today! Victims seeking can apply by contacting (888) 711-3599 for instant financial assistance now.

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