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Parking accidents lawsuit loans

Apart from freeways and roads, car accidents occur in enclosed spaces, such as parking lots. Collisions between cars in parking lots constitute a vast number of car damage cases and injuries, reported to be around 50,000 accidents causing more than 500 deaths each year. Although parking lots aren’t spaces of over-speeding or rash driving, fatal accidents can still occur due to poor premises design and drivers’ negligence.

There are many instances where cars collide in parking spaces. One of them is when two cars approach an empty parking space and crash into each other in haste. This also happens when a driver backs out from a parking space into the path of another car moving along its way. Reversing and taking sharp cuts in a parking lot’s insufficient space also results in hits. Suppose you find yourself involved in a parking lot accident that has left your car damaged or caused your personal injuries, you can claim compensation and damages for both from the responsible person.

Finding out who is at fault?

After great scrutiny, the guilt of harm and the burden to make good the loss is held upon the liable person. The question of the fault has to be first determined based on the actions of the parties. It would be seen which of the cars was in motion since a legally parked and stationary car cannot deliberately crash into another vehicle on its own. The courts may also look into detail as to which of the drivers had the right of way and whether it was denied by the other driver. Negligence on the part of the driver would hence be found after summoning all essential evidence. 

Negligence by parking lot owners

In other cases, the aggrieved person can also sue the parking lot owners and managers based on their negligent attitude. In these scenarios, owners are negligent, primarily based on flawed premises design and concept, low lighting, and lack of adequate signs and indications. Any compensation or damages owed to the victim will hence lie upon the owner to pay.

Parking lot accident pre-settlement funding

Although it is perceived that parking lot accidents can in no way possibly cause grievous bodily injuries, there indeed have been accidents reporting severe injuries suffered by victims, often resulting in death. Such victims are even forced out of work, unable to sustain a normal life that allows them to enjoy the quality of life to its fullest.

In these prevailing circumstances, affording the costly medical bills while looking after household expenses can be a little too much to handle for such victims. Baker Street Funding provides legal funding to victims-turned-plaintiffs contesting personal injury lawsuits against the damage suffered in parking lot accidents to assist them in handling financials well. Plaintiffs can contact today at (888) 711-3599 to avail of a funding program and receive ample funds for their own expenses.

Pre-settlement funding provides parking lot accident victims adequate elbow space to look after and pursue their litigation with more enthusiasm and zeal. Realizing any future award of damages or possible settlement offers today through an advance lawsuit funding is undoubtedly a smart move that you or your loved one can avail today! 

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