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Spinal cord injuries lawsuit loans

A vertebrae fracture, along with a cervical or lumbar compression fracture, is suffered due to sudden trauma to the lower part of the spine. Also referred to as a vertebral compression fracture, these injuries are mostly sustained out of severe road traffic accidents or high falls. The injured person’s body is made subject to extreme force on the spinal region, causing an abrupt bend and fracture to the spine. Even otherwise, older adults and people suffering from cancer, osteoporosis, or other degenerative diseases are at a greater risk of suffering from these fractures. Vertebrae fractures can severely hinder mobility and cause immense pain whilst causing a lot more severe complications.


Like other bone fractures, vertebrae fractures can cause unbearable pain to the victim, giving them aching cramps on slight movement or motion. The pain can be felt in the lower back region around where the fracture is sustained. The pain often finds its way to the upper back, neck, hips, abdomen, and thighs. The victim may also feel numbness around the affected area and have problems putting pressure on the bowel while urinating or defecating. In severe cases, the victim may feel numbness or paralysis in the body region below the affected area. Where any of the above symptoms are manifest, medical rescue services must be called to rush the victim to the hospital. Careless movement in any way can further worsen the injury.

The severity of vertebrae fractures

The spinal cord carries the neuro and sensory functions of the body. When the bone holding up the spinal cord is broken or fractured, the nerves carrying sensory messages and responses turn vulnerable and may be damaged if the fractured bone pushes its way into them. Vertebrae fractures are hence extremely critical injuries, requiring immediate professional help and treatment.

Medical treatments and financial assistance

Vertebrae fractures can be treated by surgical procedures as well as non-surgical therapies. Where the bone is only subject to minor cracks, the patient is prescribed to use a brace to keep pressure off the area for healing. In severe cases, the patient must undergo major surgeries to fuse, decompress, or join the bones together.

These processes are often lengthy, stretched on multiple appointments and sittings with surgeons and professionals. This makes treatments for vertebrae fractures time-consuming and very costly at times. 

If you or a loved one is a victim of such injuries due to no fault of your own, successful legal action can be brought in against the perpetrators of harm. Courts entertain lawsuits brought in by victims and are willing to offer lucrative awards to make right their losses. To help you in your legal endeavors for receiving fair compensation for your injuries, you can seek financial assistance from us against your pending personal injury claim. The funding provided is an interest-free sponsorship, only to be returned once a favorable award of damages is secured, or a settlement is reached between the parties. Baker Street Funding also provides surgery funding for victims of vertebrae fractures due to a personal injury. You contact now at (888) 711-3599 to qualify for such a program and immediately receive finances against your pending lawsuit.

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