Trampoline Park Injuries Lawsuit Loans

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Trampoline park lawsuit loans

Trampoline parks have gone from being rare over a decade ago, with only three parks to have existed across the country in the early 2010s, to be extremely popular today. There are now more than 1000 renowned trampoline parks across the states, frequented by children and family and loved by people of almost all ages. These amusement facilities are purposely-made and designed for physical exercises through jumping on fabric and spring trampolines, with inclined surfaces and distanced jumping spots. Trampoline parks are also fitted with safety equipment and foam surfaces to prevent people from crashing into walls and sharp-edged corners, to mitigate possible injuries. Trampoline parks are a fun activity for children and equally healthy for physical activity and stretching exercise involved. However, people aren’t cautious about the possible accidents that can take place in these parks.

Injuries at trampoline parks and their causes

The trampoline park industry currently stands largely unregulated, with no proper laws or operational guidelines given by the governments. Only a handful of states have passed limited laws to contain the accidents that take place at these parks. However, owing to the increased number of reported injuries, governments have now started attempts to pass statutes and regulations to ensure safety measures are taken by park management. 

Children and adults both suffer injuries from minor scrapes & cuts to major fractures, bone dislocations, and even spinal cord injuries. In rare cases, jumpers have had traumatic brain injuries after hitting their heads into a hard surface, and paralysis. Most of these injuries are caused due to unsafe facilities and the absence of adequate safety equipment and coverings. For obvious reasons of cost-cutting, trampoline parks do not use enough netting, bedding, and paddings at or around the jumping spaces, making it dangerous for people. 

Also, in cases where excessive people are allowed to rush into parks, accidents become more likely. People colliding and stumbling into other’s trampolines cause double jumps and severe injuries. Also, the absence of adequate staff to overlook and monitor the jumpers contributes to them’ injuries.

Trampoline park liability

Although most of the injuries aren’t life-threatening or severe, there have been instances where trampoline park injuries have resulted in near-death and life-altering experiences. A victim of such injury is empowered to bring legal action against the trampoline park. It must be remembered that such legal action may only stand if the injury was sustained due to a fault of the park management: either for the absence of safety equipment, faulty trampolines, overcrowded parks or etc. 

The victim is owed compensation for the injury as well as the repercussions that it ensued and can claim all of these as damages. The matter would either be decided on its merits or might just be settled between the parties outside the court. 

Trampoline park injury pre-settlement lawsuit loans

If you are a victim facing financial hardships to pursue, you could benefit from lawsuit funding programs for injuries from a trampoline park negligence. These are nowhere similar to conventional loans as they are non-recourse, meaning, if you don’t win your case, you are no longer tied to paying back the advance. Lawsuit funding is offered to plaintiffs to pay for their everyday bills and expenses while pursuing litigation before the courts. Apply for funding on your trampoline park injury today.

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