Carbon Monoxide Poisoning

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Carbon monoxide lawsuit loans

Carbon monoxide or CO is an odorless, colorless gas produced when gasoline, charcoal, or other fuels are burned. Certain domestic appliances and industrial machinery, including heaters, fireplaces, charcoal grills, engines, and generators, emit CO, which an average human frequently inhales in small, non-fatal quantities everyday life. The exposure, however, gets dangerous once the gas builds up in the bloodstream. The medical condition suffered is known as carbon monoxide poisoning and can result in long-term implications, sometimes leading to death. Inhaling CO in open, ventilated spaces does not seem to cause much or any harm at all. Most victims rushed into an emergency are exposed to CO gas in an enclosed, non-ventilated room or space where the gas is trapped.

People at most risk of carbon monoxide poisoning

Since the CO gas is emitted from the combustion of fuels, workmen, and laborers working in factories that involve such processes are at significant risk of being dangerously exposed to it. Even otherwise, at places where portable generators are installed without enough air ventilation, people can fall victim to inhaling excessive amounts of CO at once.

Symptoms & treatment

An exposed person usually suffers from symptoms instantaneously due to the quick transmission of CO through the bloodstream. In cases of mild exposure, the victim may feel dull headaches, weakness, nausea, vomiting, and dizziness. When the gas is inhaled significantly or over a prolonged period, the oxygen in the blood is replaced with CO, instantly turning the person unconscious. The victim must be rushed to the hospital immediately, where professional staff shall perform blood tests to assess the seriousness of the exposure after diagnosing the amount of CO present in the blood. Where the victim is found to be having dangerous quantities of carbon monoxide in the blood, pure oxygen supply is prescribed instantly to replace the CO content.

Carbon monoxide pre-settlement funding

Severe carbon monoxide poisoning can cause complications and entails long-term effects. Organs require a continuous supply of adequate oxygen through the blood. Where such supply is prevented or choked, the organs are prone to suffer from tissue damage, often rendering the entire organ dead or non-functional at times. This can result in brain damage, heart damage, and disabilities to other organs, lasting for extended periods. In cases where victims have suffered from such injuries due to a fault of a second person, they can bring legal action against such a person. Serious CO poisoning victims turned into organ damage patients are often in no condition to even move or talk, let alone lead a normal life and continue with their usual work. Such victims pursuing carbon monoxide legal action can benefit from the pre-settlement funding programs offered by Baker Street Funding. A cash advance on a pending lawsuit can help victims of carbon monoxide focus on paying their bills while a contingency attorney pursues a successful lawsuit settlement. At the same time, the other expenses are looked after by the financing company. These advances may only be recovered once the lawsuit ends in a successful award of damages or settlement. Victims or their family members seeking to benefit from pre-settlement funding can apply by contacting at (888) 711-3599 to ease up their litigation journey and allow future income to be realized today.

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