Forklift Accident Pre-Settlement Funding

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Forklift accident pre-settlement funding

Forklift trucks have widespread use in factories, warehouses, construction sites, and supermarkets. These are used to lift and move objects weighing thousands of pounds and are thus required to be operated by trained staff.

Similarly, forklifts employ powerful hydraulics and heavy machinery to operate and can therefore be very dangerous should a mishap happen. When things go wrong, the operator risks putting himself and those around him at significant risk of severe injuries.

Estimates generated by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) predict around 110,000 injuries resulting from forklift accidents every year.

Types of injuries resulting from forklift accidents

Forklift accidents usually account for fatal injuries owing to these vehicles’ solid and fierce mechanics. Damages brought into ER often include crushed arms or legs, pressed fingers, bone fractures, spinal cord injuries, and traumatic brain injuries.

These said injuries tend to impair or seriously limit the mobility of the injured person, negatively affecting their everyday life. Most of the victims are reported to be bystanders or passer-by people, falling victim to narrow aisles, wrongly stacked up objects, or negligent staff operating the forklift truck.

The casualty rate amongst victims of accidental forklift injuries is relatively high, reported to cause one in six of all workplace accidental deaths across the United States.

The negligence factor and countering it

Negligence is said to be the biggest reason why so many forklift accidental injuries happen. Non-maintained trucks, insufficient space to move freely, and unskilled staff are all examples of negligent behavior. Negligence in such cases can be observed by the forklift operator, the contractor, or the worksite owner and is actionable against all of them.

In addition to this, the forklift manufacturer or maintenance company can be held accountable for defects or faults resulting in injuries.

The good news is that victims of forklift accident injuries or their family members can bring in legal claims against whoever can be found guilty of perpetrating the harm, whether intentionally or negligently. Upon establishing the accused’s fault, the plaintiff can claim medical costs incurred, as well as compensation for physical pain, disability, loss of opportunity, and other torts.

Forklift accident pre-settlement funding

Anyone who is forced out of their jobs is likely to suffer from emotional as well as financial hardships. This is true, especially if you are severely injured. Families of deceased victims too, who have lost the household’s breadwinner, also face tribulations due to the loss suffered. In such circumstances, being able to afford the costs that come from dealing with a personal injury lawsuit until a conclusion is reached is difficult.

To assist you and ease your financial concerns during the forklift case pendency, Baker Street Funding provides settlement funding programs against the future settlement or jury award of your case. You can get cash to cover your household and everyday expenses upon approval.

Unlike conventional loans, pre-settlement funding does not impact your credit score and it does not require income verification. Only return the legal funds if you get a settlement or a lawsuit award. When you are going through financial difficulties during litigation, you can benefit from our pre-settlement funding solutions, which do not impose undue debts upon them and are not accompanied by heavy interest rates.

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