Diffuse Axonal Brain Injury Lawsuit Loans

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traumatic brain injury lawsuit loans

Diffuse axonal brain injuries or DAI injuries are some of the most fatal traumatic brain injuries. These are suffered from a traumatic event that causes the brain to bounce from side to side inside the skull. A victim suffers such an injury when the connective nerve fibers, called axons, are torn or sheared due to violent movement. DAI injuries are usually deadly, resulting in the deaths of almost 25% of all victims, and can lead to coma or persistent vegetative state in lesser serious cases.

Diagnosis and symptoms of axonal brain injury 

One reason that makes DAI injuries lethal than other usual brain injuries is their hidden or concealed nature. These injuries are sometimes difficult to diagnose, mainly because the harm caused may be attributed to the visible injury, without identifying DAI injuries. Moreover, these aren’t readily visible on CT scans, making it mandatory for medical professionals to run an MRI scan on the victim. Even the symptoms that are usually reported may not tell very much if the victim is suffering from a DAI injury. Victims may be seen having an increased heart rate, fever, high blood pressure, excessive sweating, or may even lose consciousness. In slightly serious cases, the victim may instantly pass along to a state of coma, may show memory loss, or may even be visually impaired.

People at most vulnerability

DAI injuries involve damage to the brain tissues and nerves, mostly due to violent jerks or sudden crashing of the head into any object. This is usually seen in automobile accidents, whereby an abrupt change in speed pushes the victim against the windshield or ejects them out of the car, hitting their head on a hard object. Athletes in violent sports are also vulnerable to such injuries. Furthermore, people working in the construction or maintenance industries and working at high altitudes are also at risk of falling and suffering from accidents leading to DAI injuries.

Dealing with diffuse axonal brain injuries

Having suffered a diffuse axonal brain injury, a victim would be fortunate enough to not be approached by death. In that case, you can take legal recourse to the wrongs that occurred to you. You may approach a court of law hoping you recover the losses, in terms of financial adversity, emotional pain, anguish as well as any loss of opportunity arising out of the said injury. A victim who intends to take the matter to court is only qualified to do so if the injury was suffered due to someone else’s fault and if the fault can be positively attributed to such a person. It can either be against one’s employer, an individual who drove rashly and caused the accident, or any other person held liable. Once admitted, the court will look at all facts and occurrences of the incident to reach whether the person accused was actually at fault. The general involves ordering the guilty person to pay out a huge amount of damages as prayed to the Plaintiff, simply for the reason that their entire life may have been severely altered, bringing lifelong disability and restrictions, for absolutely no fault of their own.

Diffuse axonal brain injury lawsuit loans

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