Helicopter Accident Pre-Settlement Loans

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Helicopter accident lawsuit loans

Helicopters are used for several purposes, ranging from tourist sightseeing to corporate travel and medical transport to rescue operations. The broad utility offered by helicopters, including their characteristic of flexible flying at differing altitudes and mobile nature, are often the major contributor to a number of crashes. Helicopter accidents are different from aircraft crashes for many reasons. Common reasons for a typical helicopter crash lie far beyond the usual reasons behind an aircraft tragedy. The FAA compliances for helicopters, investigative procedures in a crash, and the claims made are all distinct from an aviation accident.

Usual reasons behind helicopter crashes

Helicopters with their complex designs and structures also employ intricate mechanisms that make them susceptible to accidents more than usual. Equipped with a single engine that powers the main rotor, an aerodynamic force is created that lifts the helicopter’s weight. In many cases, power to the main rotor is halted. Where power transmission from the engine is blocked, the rotor may be able to auto-rotate and let the helicopter hover. However, this feature only allows for a short period of hovering. It can result in a tragic event if the helicopter is traveling above an ocean or through a mountainous region.

Moreover, the rotor is naked and uncovered from all sides. Therefore, its rotation can be blocked if the rotor is choked or comes into contact with a sizeable object, for example, power lines. Instances of helicopters crashing after coming into contact with power lines and other objects have been widely reported. These accidents stem from the extended utility offered by helicopters, where they are flown close to land and get hit by objects.

Other causes of helicopter accidents include wrong handling of external cargo and loads which these choppers can hold. Not maintaining balance while carrying loads can result in accidents too. Often, it is the pilot’s fault in assessing the correct height and direction as per the weather conditions while flying a helicopter. As a result, they may err in making quick decisions during flight and put the helicopter in a dangerous state.

Helicopter accident pre-settlement funding

Helicopter crashes primarily result in casualties if the passengers are not equipped with or do not get a chance to eject timely with the safety landing gear. Survivors in a helicopter crash can be assumed to suffer severe injuries, needing prolonged hospitalization. They may even be left with long-term disabilities. They may be forced out of work and need life-long treatment or therapies. For this reason, victims of helicopter accident injuries are owed compensation by the pilot, the owner, or the company hiring the helicopter. They can claim compensation and damages for all the losses incurred by them, including loss of opportunity, income, quality of life, as well as for physical and psychological harm.

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