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Toxic mold exposure and resulting injuries

After the lapse of the asbestos litigation era, the upcoming wave of lawsuits against architects, builders, contractors, homeowners, and employers belongs to claims against mold exposure injuries. Molds are patches of fungus found in the air, water, and surface. Out of thousands of species of molds discovered yet, a tiny chunk has been found to possess toxic characteristics.

Black mold counts as a group of such toxic mold species, colored dark green or black, with a patchy texture. Scientifically known as Stachybotrys chartarum, the mold is usually found on ceilings, walls, and flooring of buildings where the atmosphere consistently remains moist or damp. Having such prerequisites to grow and thrive, black mold is often found in baths, showers, toilets, kitchens, and basements.

Health impacts of black mold

Many mild and severe medical conditions are believed to be caused due to the presence of black bold in the surroundings. Although it has been scientifically proved that the mold produced mycotoxins, the contribution of these mycotoxins in causing serious complications is still doubtful.

Mycotoxins are toxic compounds released by black molds into the atmosphere. Symptoms of mycotoxin exposure may be seen only amongst people who might be allergic or sensitive to them. Such symptoms may include coughing, wheezing, skin rash, or sore throat.

In more severe cases, doctors have found its role in causing asthma or other chronic respiratory difficulties amongst children. Although unsubstantiated by any scientific study or report, it is widely believed that black mold exposure can also lead to health issues, including memory loss and headaches. The finding of pulmonary hemorrhage amongst babies was also attributed to black mold in a study at some point in time, although the study’s results were repealed later.

Diagnosis and treatment

Upon surfacing symptoms, an affected person must approach their doctor for an instant diagnosis which may be done through a blood or skin prick test. If found affirmative, the doctor may prescribe nasal spray or rinses to the victim. These, along with OTC medications, help reduce airway inflammation and opens it up for easy breathing.

Options available to the victims

Medical bills incurred for the diagnosis and treatment of different injuries caused due to black molds can be hefty. It differs on a case-to-case basis as to how much the victim has suffered.

Moreover, where the victim is facing severe airway or throat inflammation, they may be restricted to their home only to not spread any perceived flu or viral. In such cases, victims are rendered unable to lead a normal life as before. This can result in severe hardships for the victims to afford their own or family expenses, let alone dedicated their resources for filing a lawsuit against the persons liable.

They have a fair right to claim compensation for all monetary harm and physical, psychological pain they suffer. In such scenarios, victims can benefit from the lawsuit funding programs offered by Baker Street Funding to obtain an instant cash flow supply that they can utilize towards their household expenses. Once it is ensured that the victim’s bread and butter are arranged for and available at all times, the victim can then put its head into taking decisive legal action. Victims do not incur any debts while borrowing such finances since these aren’t required to be paid if the lawsuit does not end successfully.

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