Golf Cart Accident Loans

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Golf car accident loans

The acquisition, use, and maintenance of golf carts around the country remain largely unregulated because golf carts do not qualify as vehicles. People use it in golf courses and public grounds, private properties, on streets, and roads. The carts have their maximum speed within a relatively safe range and are generally unlikely to cause any serious harm or injuries. Despite this, hundreds of severe injuries with several fatalities arising out of golf cart use are reported each year.

Common causes and injuries in golf cart accidents

A golf cart rolling over and its passengers falling out of it remain the most significant cause of how golf cart accident injuries happen. Collision with a tree or another cart, resulting in a passenger or driver thrown out of the cart or hitting their head against some object, is another major cause.

The exact nature of the injury likely to be sustained depends on how fast the golf cart was going and what actually resulted in the accident. Most people involved in golf cart accidents report knee, shoulder, and hip injuries, along with fractures and even seriously broken bones. The passengers also report minor bruises, lacerations, and sprains at the trivial end of injuries.


All persons involved in a golf cart accident, be it those traveling inside it or pedestrians hurt by an oncoming golf cart, deserve compensation for the injuries they have suffered. However, since the nature of most gold cart accidents varies to a great extent, it still remains ambiguous mainly as to which party is the most accountable and should be brought before the court to bring a successful claim.

Who can be held liable: The ambiguity

For example, if the accident occurred due to a fault in the golf cart, the most plausible party to hold answerable would be the manufacturer. In contrast to this, if the mishap took place not because of an inherent fault in the cart but rather due to poor maintenance, the owner or the party responsible for its upkeep is the most liable for the harm. In another example, if nothing was wrong with the cart, but an accident was still suffered, this time due to reckless driving by the driver or a passenger whose physical movement made the golf cart crash, then they might be the most appropriate persons to bring before the court. Hence, the victims need to take first-hand advice from and engage a specialized golf cart accident attorney to make out and sustain a strong claim.

Golf cart accident pre-settlement loans

Similar to victims of other personal injuries, those having suffered golf cart accidents may require expensive medical attention and may not be able to earn as well for a certain period. Signing up for a whole new outflow of money in litigation might not seem feasible to them in such circumstances. Therefore, to alleviate these temporary hardships of victims, Baker Street Funding provides unconditional lawsuit financing against pending personal injuury lawsuits. These can be instantly obtained by contacting (888) 711-3599 and qualifying for Baker Street Funding’s short-step and quick eligibility criteria.

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