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A major part of the United States receives ample rainfall each year. During the rainy season, a surge in road accidents is also witnessed across the country. Where drivers may entirely shift the blame of car crashes upon the wet condition of roads and pavements, the law does not see them as completely innocent in all cases. Even in the rainy season when roads are more prone to cause accidents, drivers are expected to drive safely and with prudence no matter what.

How Rains Affect Roads

Local rescue services across the country report amplified number of accidents during rains. Apart from making the pavements excessively slippery, there are other reasons why rains cause so many accidents. Light showers are the most dangerous when it comes to making the roads slick. When the oils accumulated and already present on the roads meet scanty waters, the result is a greasy, lubricated surface that is unable to provide enough grip on tires. Cars passing through such roads experience slight skids at high speeds. Even worse, when brakes are applied on such roads, the cars slide out of control and difficult to stop. Moreover, rainwater causes damage to the roads and leaves potholes wherever allowed to stand. These potholes are filled with water, which cannot be seen while driving and hence difficult to manoeuvre.

In the case where rainwater fails to drain out and is accumulated on the roads, lane markings may be submerged and difficult to see. Flooded roadways are difficult to pass by and may also cause hydroplaning. This is when water forms a layer over the road or payment that has been wet or damp for an extended period. The layer prevents a vehicle’s tires from holding grip on the road and causes uncontrollable slide on the water layer instead of the road. Even when brakes are applied, the car couldn’t be stopped since it only slides on the layer. Driving at a fast speed, or making sudden turns can cause a vehicle to hydroplane on a wet road uncontrollably.

Negligence and Driver’s Liability

Negligence is when a person does or fails to do something which he knows could result in some form of harm to another. As far as negligence on roads is concerned, any average man with reasonable judgment would know that speeding excessively on a wet pavement would eventually result in a crash. If he were the one behind the wheels driving on a wet road, he wouldn’t have difficulty adjudging that he shouldn’t go fast or rush at all. 

Even then if a person chooses to drive recklessly and ends up injuring another, the guilt of harm will befall on that person, regardless of how wet the roads were. The driver at fault may, however, only avoid liability if he could prove that his negligence did not cause the eventual harm, or can make out a defence successfully.

Avoiding Rain-Caused Personal Injuries

Drivers must do everything in their power to avoid bumping into another car or person while driving on wet pavements. There are very minute things drivers must watch out for taking while driving in rains. It is advisable to move while keeping a safe driving distance, and in the middle of the most visible lane since water usually collects in the side lanes. Drivers must also be careful while applying brakes and should instead take their foot off the gas to slow down. Driving in heavy rains should be avoided at all times. If unavoidable, drivers must keep their speed slow and stay within their range of visibility. Where it seems that the car is hydroplaning, brakes shouldn’t be applied suddenly, and you should turn your steering wheel in the direction of the skid to recover control.

Wet Pavement Lawsuit Loans

Suppose you or a loved one has sustained injuries arising out of an accident on the road. In that case, you can hold the driver liable for negligent driving, and receive compensation to make good the loss. Car crashes can cause temporary impairment or even lifelong disability. Victims hence must be able to receive ample compensation to help them survive the period of hardships. To help them in this, financing companies provide lawsuit loans. These enable the victims to put food on their table and afford their basic necessities while actively contesting a lawsuit. The plaintiffs do not have to worry about making ends meet since the funding company will look after their expenses. All car accident loans are only returned if the lawsuit ends up successful. If not, the plaintiffs do not have to pay even a single penny in return for the monies they have received.

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