Dram Shop Settlement Loans

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Dram shop lawsuit loans

Dram comes from the mass unit previously used to measure the weight of fluids, especially wine or other liquors. Dram shops, today, are any bars, restaurants, taverns, liquor stores, or any establishment serving alcoholic drinks. Dram shop lawsuits refer to all those legal actions brought in due to injuries caused by intoxicated people who had bought alcoholic drinks from a specific place. As opposed to the olden times, these shops nowadays owe a duty of care towards their customers and the public at large in the very course of conducting their business. They must be mindful that a person who gets overly drunk at their establishment is at a high risk of injuring themselves. If they drive right after, they might even be a threat to those around. The scope of dram shop lawsuits is pretty diverse, whereas most application of the dram shops law has now been restricted to a minimal extent.

First party dram shop cases

When an intoxicated person gets into an accident, they can sue the establishment that served them the liquor. This is justified under the pretext that bars and restaurants must stop serving their customers once they realize that they are already drunk. However, the imposition of liability upon someone merely carrying out their job or doing lawful business seems illogical. This is why most states have banned their citizens from bringing in legal actions against an establishment where they first get drunk and then get into an accident while being under the influence. 

First-party dram shop lawsuits, however, are still applicable where a minor is served an alcoholic drink. The minor can sue the bar or restaurant for serving them drinks if they get drunk and injure themselves in any way. This exception is recognized almost across the US, making the bars liable if they fail to ensure that what they were doing is legal. 

Third-party dram shop cases

A person, who wasn’t drunk, but who got injured by someone who was can rightfully claim compensation and damages by filing a lawsuit. This lawsuit can be filed against the intoxicated person who caused the harm and the establishment that served them the drinks. These cases are relatively more common than the first-party ones since an innocent person was harmed due to no fault of their own. Third-party dram shop cases hence make a perfect personal injury case for negligence.

Dram shop lawsuit funding

Injuries usually claimed in dram shop lawsuits are caused when a drunk person gets behind the wheels. These injuries, sustained on roads, are typically serious, often resulting in long-term or even permanent disability. The victims might not be able to earn themselves a living for a considerable period and may face financial burdens as a result. 

To break free from these hardships, the plaintiffs can apply for legal funding provided by financial institutions, so they get the temporary financial assistance they need. 

The concept of legal funding revolves around securing money in return for any possible future income, in the form of award or settlement, from a pending lawsuit. Being one such financing company, Baker Street Funding provides lawsuit funding solutions dedicated for dram shop lawsuit plaintiffs with customized terms for every applicant.

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