Rental Car Accident Loans

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Car rental accident funding

Visitors to far-flung places and in new cities often take up cars on a rental basis. These cars are rarely taken from individual owners. In most cases, people may contact any car rental service and ask for an appropriate vehicle available for their use for their entire duration of stay. Basic rental car packages do not come with a driver, but you can ask for one upon special request and payment. Upon advance payment of rent, the cars are provided for driving and are expected to be returned in the same condition they are given.

Rental cars and accidents

More often than not, accidents involving rental cars are a very common happening. There seem many simple and obvious reasons for that, one of them being the very purpose of car rentals. People often only rent cars when they are off to a new place and cannot take their vehicle handy. They aren’t familiar with the roads, which can cause many crashes. The terrain of the place, hidden driveways, problems with lightning, and most ideal routes are unknown. Many accidents could have been automatically avoided if the drivers had knowledge of these factors. Referring to navigation while driving or making calls while reaching their destinations, tasks common to visitors are other reasons why rental vehicles get into accidents.

Who is at fault at most times in a rental car accident?

If you are simply driving or walking and are hit by a rental car, you have the choice to sue the driver, the rental car company, or both. However, where you drive a rental car yourself and get into an accident with a pedestrian or another vehicle, the case is different. If the fault is clearly and apparently attributable to the other party, then the same needs to be sued. However, suppose the accident occurred owing to some fault with the car, then the rental car company has to be sued to serve justice to both you and the other party. This could be due to poor maintenance and faulty parts in the car.

Common injuries suffered

In road accidents, the quantum and severity of the injury mostly depend on the vehicle’s speed. Speeding, tailgating, making turns without signaling first, not giving the right of way, and ignoring traffic rules can result in a combination of serious, life-threatening injuries at times. In minor cases, the victims may suffer scars, bruises, or lacerations. Where the victim is subjected to hits and collisions inside the car, they may suffer from broken bones, fractures, and dislocations. Head injuries, including closed head injuries and traumatic brain injuries, may also be suffered.

Car rental accident lawsuit funding

Not everybody is financially ready to sustain and survive long-term injuries at all times. Road accidents are followed by complex medical treatments that come with expensive bills. Further adding to the hardships, while bedridden, victims may be unable to earn themselves a living. In such cases, victims must sue the responsible party and claim compensation for all medical expenses and loss of past and future income due to immobility. They or their family can even claim damages for wrongfully sustained injuries or wrongful death. 

Financial assistance can be obtained from specialized lawsuit funding companies providing monetary help to the aggrieved persons. These do not come with strings attached and are some of the easiest borrowing programs that can be availed. 

Baker Street Funding, amongst such companies, provides tailor-made programs to assist plaintiffs in their litigation journeys. Plaintiffs of rental car accident lawsuits can exchange part of their pending litigations for advance cash flow that helps them in sorting out interim financial needs. Contact (888) 711-3599 to receive instant cash and realize from Baker Street Funding’s plaintiff assistance funds and realize a temporary income today!

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