Car Accident Lawsuit Funding & Lawsuit Loans

Settlement Loans or Pre-Settlement Funding?

Auto Accident Lawsuit Loans - Auto Accident Pre-Settlement Funding Goal:

Over 1,000 people suffer life-changing injuries on the road each and every day of the year, and annually about 100 people die in auto accidents, according to the NSC. Once you are injured, dealing with the at-fault party's insurance company can be time-consuming and frustrating and sometimes feel hopeless. Your goal is to settle your bodily injury claim for the most amount possible. Waiting for a settlement can be stressful, since you may be left out of work and you can be tempted to take whatever lowball settlement is offered. With pre-settlement funding you can stay on track and wait out the insurance company's time consuming tactics, getting the maximum amount for your injury.

Auto Accident Pre-Settlement Funding Injuries:

A car accident can leave you with life long injuries. Spinal, knee, brain, and back injuries are very common, and can hinder you from completing daily activities. This can lead to reduced hours at work or even job loss. In some instances, an auto accident can cause a permanent disability. In these instances, getting money back into your hands as soon as possible is imperative, which is why auto accident pre-settlement funding becomes a lifeline for injured plaintiffs.

Auto Accident Pre-Settlement Funding Process:

When you apply for auto accident pre-settlement funding, Baker Street Funding will analyze your case details. An underwriter with extensive experience in personal injury claims will review your case to determine its value and ascertain if you qualify for pre-settlement funding. There is no credit check. Once you are approved, Baker Street Funding will advance you a percentage of the amount of your anticipated proceeds. The money can be used for anything you see fit; rent, utility bills, and other expenses. You repay the advance only if and when your case is settled successfully.

Start Now with Auto Accident Pre-Settlement Funding and Get Paid Today!

If your life is collapsing due to injuries from an auto accident, a car accident pre-settlement funding can help you recover your life back.  By taking a  non-recourse funding from us (also widely known as settlement loans), we will provide you with a quick and non invasive funding approach. Settlement advances in fact are not settlement loans. A settlement advance also known as a non-recourse financing agreement means: if you lose your case there is no further obligation for the client to pay us back. Settlement and Pre Settlement funding is an investment into the outcome of your lawsuit. We are advancing you money because we think your case is strong enough to win and pay us back. Our exclusive approach has made us a leader in the settlement funding and litigation finance industries as we strive to provide, for both attorney and client, an exceptional experience. 

Auto Accident Pre-Settlement Funding