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In the midst of a personal injury lawsuit, financial strain can feel like an unwelcome shadow that looms over every decision. That’s exactly why Baker Street Legal Funding offers lawsuit funding—a financial bridge in times when stability feels out of reach.


Discover why many plaintiffs consider Baker Street Funding their top choice for pre-settlement funding.

At Baker Street Funding, we offer more than financial solutions for legal cases. Our pre-settlement cash advance is tailored to alleviate the financial burden that often accompanies lawsuits. This support gives you the flexibility to fulfill your immediate needs—whether that’s focusing on your case, addressing personal recovery, or taking care of essential life expenses. With our assistance, you gain the strength to pursue a better settlement, as financial difficulties are no longer a distraction.

This is how we compare.

Baker Street Funding Other lawsuit lenders
Funding amounts $1,500 - $2mm Up to $250,000
Cap 3 year cap No cap
Monthly rate 2.95% - 3.4% simple 2.95% - 5% compounding
Underwriting time 24-48 hours 5 - 7 days
Contracts Costs as advertised Show another number on contract

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Starting your journey towards financial relief with a settlement loan is simple. All it takes is filling out an online form or making a quick call to Baker Street Funding at (888) 711-3599. Our dedicated team, experienced in handling a variety of cases, and they'll promptly review your application and reach out to discuss the next steps.

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