Surgery Funding for Patients

Providing Financial Assistance to Plaintiffs in Need of Surgery:

If your doctor has recommended a surgical procedure to treat a personal injury, we can provide you with the financial assistance to pay for it, you are NOT ALONE. 

At Baker Street Funding we offer funding packages for plaintiffs unable to afford surgery due to the privation of health insurance or personal injury protection coverage. There is no risk for surgeons as they are directly paid in full pre-op. This opportunity works well for attorneys as it does for plaintiffs in need of surgery because an attorney can then easily obtain a lien or a letter of protection post-op, as the case goes up in value.

What is Surgery Funding?

If a plaintiff requires a surgical procedure and does not have the proper insurance coverage, we recommend that they explore our Surgical Funding process. We provide funding for all types of medical procedures including, but not limited to; Spinal Surgery, Hospital Services, Pain Management, Imaging/ Diagnostic Services, Orthopedic Surgery and other specialized surgeries. 

We will negotiate a cash price for your surgical procedure with the provider to get you the care you need and help maximize your case’s value. We create custom individually tailored solutions for plaintiffs and their attorneys to provide the best possible medical outcome for their case.

How Does it Work?
The plaintiff or their attorney will provide us with a cost breakdown for the medical procedure(s). We will then negotiate a cash value of that procedure with the provider and pay the provider the negotiated amount. We recoup our money from the proceeds of the case once it settles. Just like our Settlement Advance product, Surgical Funding is non-recourse, so if your case doesn’t settle, you owe us nothing.

Types of Surgeries we Typically Fund
Neck and Back Fusions, Shoulder and Knee Surgery/Arthroscopy, Ankle Surgery, Cranial and Brain Procedures, Internal Procedures.

Types of Non Surgical Procedures we Typically Fund 
Pain Injections, Broken Bones, MRI’s and X-Rays.

Types of Medical Providers we Typically Fund
We typically fund procedures at the following types of providers; Physicians, Surgical Centers, Imaging Centers, Anesthesiologists, Home Health Care, Long Term Care, Hospitals, Private Surgeons.

Surgery Funding Requirements

Pre-Qualified Patient Requirements:

  • Patient has been cut off from ”no fault”: IME cut off, Exhausted PIP benefits with third party coverage.
  • Worker's Compensation: includes all/any commercial coverage and taxi accident injuries.
  • Pedestrian and motorcycle accidents.
  • Premise accidents.

Documents Required from Attorneys:

  • Police or incident report
  • Insurance coverage (policy limit)
  • Defendant‘s coverage (policy limit)
  • Medical Records and/or outstanding liens.
  • If in suit - copy of summons and complaints (if available).
  • If not in suit - copy of retainer (if available).

Documents Required from Physicians:

  • Fee breakdown from physician, ASC, Anesthesia, DME and Pharmacy. 
  • Name and address of entities recieving payment.
  • Insurance correspondence (denials, exhausted benefits, etc).