Litigation financing

Litigation finance and case-cost funding.

Legal funding tailored for attorneys.

Case Cost Financing allows contingency fee based attorneys to cover the cost of current litigation as they pursue a positive outcome for their clients. Lawsuits are inherently expensive and can take years to resolve. Once an attorney takes on a client, the bills start piling up and need to be paid. With a strong portfolio of cases, those bills can easily enter six figure range.

Some attorneys turn to legal funding to help cover the cost of these cases as they come in. Many think of legal funding as a way for plaintiffs to leverage their settlements for access to immediate capital, but it is also available for attorneys as well. Litigation finance and case cost financing are vehicles that are tailor made for attorneys to help them leverage their receivable fees into current capital they can use to fund the costs of new cases. These programs allow plaintiffs attorneys to leverage their fees from settled and soon to be settled cases. It provides them with immediate liquidity to pay for expert testimony, payroll, travel costs and other expenses that are part of running a successful contingency fee based firm.

Litigation finance and plaintiff funding opportunity:

"Our team of experienced litigators have a deep knowledge of the litigation and arbitration process. We understand the pressure of high stakes arbitration and help our clients with timely financial support and guidance to help them get the most out of their claim. We are extremely well capitalized and can deliver quick financing decisions to help attorneys and their clients focus on what matters most. We aim to have open partnerships with our clients to help provide capital throughout all stages of a case or portfolio of cases."

Helping you maximize your litigation or arbitration.

"We are one of the global leaders in providing bespoke legal financial solutions for law firms, solo-practitioners and their clients helping them maximize the value of their litigation or arbitration. We are extremely well capitalized and can deliver quick financing decisions to help attorneys and their clients focus on what matters most."

REcognizing attorney's fees as assets.

"Traditional lenders do not recognize attorneys fees as an asset. Legal funding firms acknowledge the value of attorneys fees and are able to help attorneys and their firms properly leverage those fees to retain and attract solid and winnable cases."

Winning through litigation finance.


Quick straight answers

Since we have access to deep pools of capital, we are able to provide our clients with quick funding decisions so that we can immediately inject capital into your individual case or portfolio of cases, to ensure the move through the litigation or arbitration process smoothly. Whether you are looking for capital or additional strategic assistance we are here 24/7 to give you the tools you need to achieve the most beneficial outcome possible.


Experience when it matters

Our underwriting team has decades of experience in both high stakes corporate litigation and business. We bring not only capital to the table but also a third party view of the litigation to help iron out any flaws that might exist. We have partnerships both domestically and internationally to help provide you with the in-depth analysis you need when deciding to utilize leverage.

Case cost funding

Expertise is the name of the game

 We provide a wide ranging suite of litigation finance solutions hoping to mitigate the risk of litigation. We know that litigation can be a long and arduous road that requires an inherent amount of risk. Our combination of legal expertise paired with our access to large amounts of capital helps us remove a large part of the financial risk traditionally associated with litigation.

Litigation financing opportunity

Opportunity is right in front of you

Litigation finance is a way to help diversify the risk in a case by helping plaintiffs fight fairly with well capitalized defendants. Until recently, well capitalized defendants had a distinct advantage over the claimants pursuing legal action against them. With Baker Street Funding, that is a thing of the past. We provide the capital for you to fight your claim to its conclusion by providing non-recourse capital that allows you to share the risk of costly litigation and maximize the value of your claim.

Litigation cost finance

Litigation funding can lead to more success

Many plaintiffs are not able to pursue their claim without spending large amounts of money up front to bring their claim to the proper court setting. Utilizing litigation funding guarantees that a plaintiff will have enough capital to litigate their claim with the lowest risk exposure possible. While litigation funding companies charge a large rate of return in exchange for capital, we also help maximize the value of your claim and reach a settlement that potentially could not be reached without significant investment.