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Litigation Funding: An industry in controversy and the firms that do good

Among these funding companies, Baker Street Funding, run by CEO and President, Daniel DiGiaimo is a perfect example of litigation funding done ethically.

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Baker Street Funding Tells Us About The Lawsuit Funding Industry

One of the newest and largest litigation funding companies is Baker Street Funding, with offices in New York and soon to be Florida. Daniel Digiaimo, the CEO of the firm, whose background includes stints at Morgan Stanley, Merrill Lynch and Oppenheimer & Co, answers questions about litigation funding and the recent glut of investor money that has flooded the space.

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Top Fastest Growing Industries in the US by Revenue in 2020

"Most companies in the field were able to make a substantial profit. Baker Street Funding is a perfect example of a company’s exceptional work that they have provided as they have had a creative and modern approach that most of the contemporary companies are trying to adopt."

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Baker Street Funding Announces Lawsuit Loans At All Time High

What's something exciting your business offers? Say it here. Baker Street Funding is a legal funding firm located in New York City that specializes in providing plaintiffs and attorneys with pre and post-settlement funding. The driving force behind this organization is Daniel DiGiaimo, the CEO and President. Mr. DiGiaimo has an impressive back-ground in financial services and previously worked at Morgan Stanley, Merrill Lynch and Oppenheimer & Co. 


Baker Street Funding Announces Lawsuit Funding As The New Victim Aid Program

Baker Street Funding, a high powered legal funding firm headquartered in New York, NY provides plaintiffs with pre and post-settlement funding, which helps them and the attorneys that represent them, focus less on daily financial needs and more on maximizing the value of their settlement.


Baker Street Funding Secures $30 Million for New Attorney Focused Fund

Say something interesting about your business here.Daniel Digiaimo, President and CEO of Baker Street Funding commented, “This new capital is going to be key to growing our attorney relationships and expanding our reach in the legal funding space and will be invested solely in attorney funding transactions.” DiGiaimo also said, “Since traditional banks do not recognize future fees as valid collateral, we believe we provide a much needed service to the attorneys we work with.

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Baker Street Funding Launches Law Firm Consulting Group

What's something exciting your business offers? Say it here.Baker Street Funding’s Legal Advisors was formed to act as a consulting firm, helping law firms search out and acquire other practices. Baker Street will help attorneys and their firms increase growth through acquisition and help them build scalable business models that will allow them to attract and retain top talent, and grow into new practice areas. Baker Street Funding’s primary business is pre and post-settlement finance, which focuses on providing capital to plaintiffs in medical malpractice and personal injury litigation.

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Growing Your Practice Through Law Firm Funding

Bank loans and other conventional methods were the only options for law firm funding for many years. If you require funding from such sources, you need to put your assets on the risk for business operations and growth. On the other hand, law firm funding is a great alternative for financing your firm without exposing your personal assets. Baker Street Funding has a team of professional and legal experts. These are well-experienced people who can examine the strength of every complex case. Moreover, they can find a weakness in a legal case. They can provide deep analysis reports of the firm which can minimize the risk. In other words, it makes it easy to provide capital on favorable terms.

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Mentor Johnson and Johnson Breast Implant Lawsuits

A lawsuit was filed against Mentor worldwide and its parent company, Johnson & Johnson’s Services, proclaiming the defective manufacturing of the silicon breasts implants. The lawsuit claimed that the mentor and its parent company have somehow repeatedly failed to follow the guidelines imposed by the food and drug administration (FDA). These lawsuits were based on the grounds of the injuries that were allegedly caused by Mentor’s silicone breast implants. Information supplied by Baker Street Funding, a litigation funding company designed to strategically connect select legal funding opportunities with an extensive network of sophisticated partners and staff.

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Baker Street Funding Secures $30 Million for New Attorney Focused Funding

Give customers a reason to do business with you.A leading pre-settlement funding provider, Baker Street Funding LLC, announced today the closing of a series A round of investment into their Attorney Funding Division. Founded in 2018, Baker Street Funding has quickly become a rising star in the legal funding space and their core business model is to provide plaintiffs with much needed liquidity while their case is awaiting settlement. The newly named Attorney Funding Division will provide Attorney Funding to law practitioners across the country.

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Baker Street Funding Breaks Down Settlement Awards for Every Case Type

(9/16/2019) Baker Street Funding, a litigation funding and lawsuit loan funding company expects a large increase in case funding starting in 2020. Today, they reported that they are focusing a new fund exclusively on providing capital to personal injury plaintiffs. There are a growing number of plaintiffs that need early access to settlement proceeds and Baker Street Funding is committed to providing them the money they need. 

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Train Your Furry Friend to Make Sure He Lives a Long and Happy Life

(8/30/2019) If your dog is found to be vicious or dangerous, a sentence (also called a disposition) is issued pursuant to the body of law being followed. These dispositions can range from a small fine, muzzling in public property to your dog being put down. Daniel A. Digiaimo, a dog lover and CEO of Baker Street Funding commented, “If you find yourself in this situation, it is imperative to make sure you know the rules of the law and bring in as many people as possible to testify on your dog’s behalf”. Mr. Digiaimo, an expert in the settlement funding industry also added, “Training your dog properly can make situations like this entirely avoidable so make sure to train your furry friend to make sure he lives a long and happy life".

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How to Run a Business in Florida

(6/20/2019) Some business owners are uprooting their businesses to move into Florida due to the tax advantages. Daniel DiGiaimo, CEO of Baker Street Funding, is in the process of relocating the company from New York City to Florida specifically to reduce their tax burden. "[One reason we're moving to Florida] is because of the tax benefit," said DiGiaimo. "Moving from a city with one of the highest tax rates in the country to a state with no state tax is a huge savings both personally and professionally."

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Baker Street Funding Announces Litigation Funding Division Focus

(8/23/2019) Daniel Digiaimo, CEO and President of Baker Street Funding, commented, "These cases can mimic hedge fund investments as having diversified risk by investing in a large number of cases, we hope to increase our chances of strong returns.  Rather than focusing on one large case, we look to create a portfolio of cases that have strong liability, a large potential of recovery and a high likelihood of collection."

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Hernia Mesh, A Horrific Reality

Since 2012, women who have sued companies over transvaginal mesh received at least 20 verdicts in state and federal courts with a total of about $300mm. The FDA has shut down completely the sales of the mesh in the United States back in April 2019 after tens of thousands of women have filed lawsuits against mesh manufacturers. We would like to note that throughout these lawsuits, injured patients recurred to pre-settlement funding companies for an advance from their settlements due to the injuries and loss of income helping them to overcome the financial chaos these lawsuits brought  upon innocent victims. Information supplied by Baker Street Funding, a litigation funding company designed to strategically connect select legal funding opportunities with an extensive network of sophisticated partners and staff.

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