Athens Lawsuit Loans

Get quick pre-settlement funding in Athens.

If you are a resident of the greater Athens area and need fast access to a cash advance from your pending lawsuit, apply for pre-settlement funding today and get approved fast. We’ve helped local plaintiffs with financial needs get the money they need since 2018. Whether you need a personal injury loan or a car accident lawsuit loan in Athens, we can help you get the essential funding you need in less than 24 hours.

Pre-settlement loans in Athens

Personal injury lawsuits often place injured victims in a tough financial situation due to the inability to work. These cases often take months or even years to reach a favorable solution, and having your finances stable during that time may be close to impossible. Lawsuit loans in Athens by Baker Street Funding have been a tried and true method for plaintiffs in Georgia to find quick and risk-free cash advances from their settlements right when they need it the most. 

Athens lawsuit loans

What is a pre-settlement loan?

A settlement loan (or a lawsuit loan) allows you to borrow anywhere from 10 percent to 20 percent of the value of a pending personal injury lawsuit settlement in exchange for giving the lender a small portion of your compensation once you get a successful settlement or verdict from your legal claim. This type of financing is non-recourse; therefore, it uses your pending settlement as collateral. There are no credit checks, income verification, or monthly payments. When you get an Athens lawsuit loan, you run no risks since the payment of the advance is due after you win your case and get a monetary recovery for it. 

How do lawsuit loans in Athens work?

Not only can pre-settlement funding in Athens come with a high approval rate if your case is strong enough to win, but it also comes with a simple and fast process. 

process 1

Inquire online or by phone

Fill up the application form or call a funding team member to see if you qualify. Simply answer a few basic questions and your attorney's contact info.

process 2

We perform a case value study

A legal funding underwriter will speak with your attorney about your case merits in order to make a loan decision. If your case is accepted, you will get a pre-settlement lawsuit funding contract the same day or the next business day.

process 3

You get a funding approval

Upon approval, a member of our Athens pre-settlement loan staff will send you and your attorney a funding contract to complete.

process 4

Receive the Athens cash advance

Once you and your attorney complete the loan agreement, the money should be sent to you within one business day either via direct bank deposit or via overnight Fedex certified check.

Why Athens lawsuit loan from Baker Street Funding?

With benefits like non-compounding interest, fast approvals, and capped rates, it’s no wonder our Athens lawsuit loans are a convenient way to receive settlement money fast.

Lighting fast process

Pre-settlement loans serviced by Baker Street Funding are made to be as convenient as possible for all plaintiffs in need of quick financial assistance. The approval process for legal funding In Athens is extremely simple as long as your attorney cooperate with us.

Low interest rates

Get pre-settlement funding with non-compounding capped rates. Get protection for your settlement with a rate that won't accrue and take over your compensation. Our interest rates stay the same throughout the life your loan, and our they stop in the third year of your loan no matter how long the case takes to settle.

Absolutely no risk

There are absolutely no risks of any kind, no giant cash advance payments after your case settles, and no surprises. Pay the amount agreed on the funding contract after you get paid your compensation. That's all.

Get legal funding in Athens today.

Many Athens plaintiffs choose Baker Street Funding as their preferred lawsuit loan company. Why? Because we provide low-rate lawsuit loans many times on the same day of approval. You can have the cash you urgently need in your hands today. Apply for a loan on your personal injury lawsuit and get pre-qualified in as little as 10 minutes.

There is funding for every need.

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