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Pre-settlement funding for plaintiffs in Hillsboro.

Baker Street Funding is currently offering lawsuit loans to plaintiffs who reside in Hillsboro. Discover a variety of pre-settlement funding services to fit your immediate financial needs with Baker Street Legal Funding. We make funding available for all personal injury, civil rights, and employment lawsuit victims with strong cases in Hillsboro. When you’re low on cash and you need help paying your medical bills and daily costs, our funding team can bring financial relief in 24 hours or less. A Hillsboro lawsuit loan can help you get ahead in an instant.

Hillsboro Pre-Settlement funding and lawsuit loans Oregon

If you’ve been involved in an accident that’s not your fault and you have a tight budget, you may need urgent financial assistance. While running to a bank may seem like the most convenient option, it can be very stressful, especially if you need money now and they are not approving you. That’s where a lawsuit loan in Hillsboro can help you get through this difficult financial situation today. Lawsuit funding is non-recourse, which makes it perfect if you require a cash advance due to a pending personal injury settlement since you don’t have to pay it back until you succeed with your legal case and win the award. So no matter where in the Hub City you are, whether in South West Hillsboro Industrial District, Farmington, Witch Hazel, or Orenco Gardens, don’t give up just yet. Help is available.

Pre settlement loans and legal funding Hillsboro Oregon

What is a settlement loan?

Simply put, a settlement loan is a type of non-recourse loan where a personal injury plaintiff will receive a portion of their future lawsuit settlement in cash today and put part of that pending settlement as collateral for the loan. It is also known as lawsuit loans or pre-settlement funding; however, it all has the same meaning. Ultimately, the borrower’s attorney pays the settlement loan company the money the client owes (plus interest rates) after winning the case and receiving the settlement proceeds. 

How does the Hillsboro lawsuit loan process work?

If you are a plaintiff in Hillsboro and need money to pay your bills and other expenses, a loan application for your pending lawsuit is available online. Your only responsibility is to ensure that your attorney is ready to speak to our attorneys to begin the funding process. See how the Hillsboro pre-settlement loan process works:

process 1

Submit your application

Fill out the pre-settlement funding form online and supply your and your attorney's necessary contact information. You will be asked about the details about your litigation. A funding expert will contact you to finish the qualification.

process 2

Your attorney confirms your case

Upon qualification, your lawyer will be asked to submit the medical records and other important documents about your lawsuit. This information will be used by our underwriters to make a 24-hour funding decision.

process 3

Funding decision

If you get the good news, your funding approval contract will be sent out to you and your lawyer to sign. The terms of your Hillsboro lawsuit loan agreement will be on page 2 of the contract, including the part where only pay if you win your case.

process 4

Get your cash

Finally, once you both have completed the contract, your money will be given to you in a check via fed-ex or you'll have straight in your bank account the same day or next business day.

What are some of the benefits of lawsuit loans in Hillsboro?

Settlement funding on your lawsuit from Baker Street Funding offers lower interest rates, capped rates, and a fast process compared to other legal funding companies.

No credit check

Many funding providers often conduct credit checks on funding applications. If you feel iffy about your credit score or history, worry not, Baker Street Funding does not perform credit checks.

24 hour process

Being able to get a fast cash advance on your injury is one of our greatest benefits, especially if you are struggling financially. The process of getting a cash advance on your pending settlement only takes a day or two with us.

Lower rates

Since our APR is capped in the third year of your loan and won't go higher than 3.4% monthly, this is a better option than funding your case with other lenders.

No win, no pay

Whether you are getting a large or low amount of borrowed cash, the lawsuit loan payment is only made on the day your settlement proceeds hit your attorney's trust account. Pay for daily essentials like utilities, rent, groceries, and more, without worrying about how you'll pay back the loan.

Looking for fast legal funding in Hillsboro?

Now you know how to get a loan on your pending case in Hillsboro. Get much-needed money before your case settles from Baker Street Funding—the process is fast, and there is no risk to you. Call us to speak to our lawsuit loan management team to find out approximately how much of a cash advance you can qualify to receive from your settlement. Apply for an instant pre-qualification. Our finance team is happy to answer all your questions today.

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