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At Baker Street Funding we work with attorneys from all across the country to help provide fast, reliable, and efficient funding decisions for your clients. We help attorneys maximize their clients settlement by providing plaintiffs with much needed liquidity so they do not settle their case for less than they deserve. We understand your clients need to make ends meet and the aim to provide peace of mind for themselves and their families. We put fourth our best effort to bring them fast results.

Litigation Funding Can Help Build Your Practice

We also provide litigation funding for attorneys on a case by case basis. We can help you fund your next big case. Attorney funding is a term commonly used in synonym to law firm loans, lawyer loans, lawsuit financing and case funding.  Attorney funding is a non-recourse investment into an individual or a portfolio of cases brought by a law firm. Subject to various requirements, litigation funding for attorneys includes both pre-settlement and post-settlement cases. 

Our quick and non invasive funding approach has made us a leader in the settlement funding and litigation finance industries as we strive to provide, for both attorney and client, an exceptional experience.

We also provide CLE and networking events throughout the year for our partner firms. 


Surgery Funding


How Can Baker Street Funding Help Your Case?

We offer surgery funding for plaintiffs unable to afford medical procedures due to the privatization of health insurance or personal injury protection coverage. This solution works as  well for attorneys as it does for plaintiffs in need of surgery because an attorney can then obtain a lien  or a letter of protection post-operation, as the case goes up in value. There is no risk for surgeons as  they are directly paid in full pre-operation. Baker Street Funding is committed to ensuring personal injury patients have access to quality healthcare, and medical providers can be compensated quickly and fairly for the care they provide.

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Our process is quick and easy. All of our underwriters are former personal injury attorneys with extensive experience. They perform a quick review of the underlying facts surrounding the case and make a fast decision. With a quick response time and high speed of service, we regularly help personal injury victims receive the medical care they need ranging from minimally invasive surgeries to complex surgical procedures while strengthening your personal injury case.




We partner with attorneys to provide a quick and fair settlement. 



We streamline and tailor communications and provide a quick turnaround time.



We establish mutually beneficial partnerships with attorneys and medical providers. 

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