How To Get The Lowest Cost Pre-Settlement Funding?

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Lowest cost pre-settlement funding

Delayed settlements and the need for affordable pre-settlement funding.

Lawsuit loans are intended to help plaintiffs and their families through difficult times, especially after the loss of employment and income because of accidents or injuries.

Because of the increasing number of court cases, litigations are getting protracted across the United States, and it’s putting a financial strain on plaintiffs who are hoping for a quick settlement of their claim.

If litigations were fast and plaintiffs got a settlement on time, they will cater to their bills and family needs. However, that’s not always the case, and plaintiffs are turning to lenders like banks for loans due to the lower rates they offer.

The challenge with taking out loans from banks is that you will have to pay back both the capital and interest monthly, and you need to have decent credit, regardless of whether you win or lose the case. Also, because litigations can take an unexpected turn, and plaintiffs may lose their case, they would still have to pay back the bank capital and interest rates to the last cent.

Why does a lawsuit funding company’s interest rates matter?

It’s the classic lawsuit dilemma: you’ve got rent you have to pay or maybe you have some urgent medical bills, but you don’t have any money.

If you have a good case, a lawsuit loan could be the answer. But there’s a lot to consider, especially if you have a highly valued case that will ultimately be your only nest egg.

So, unless this is your first time considering lawsuit funding, you would agree that there are tons of lawsuit financing companies out there, and not all of them have your best interest at heart. 

Some lenders go as far as offering outrageous rates that could potentially swallow your settlement or lawsuit award when it eventually gets paid. As such, you should opt for a legal funding firm that has a credible track record, reputation and shows their advertised rates on contract.

Also, it would be best to stay away from settlement funding companies that refuse to disclose the interest rate for your case. Always make sure they give you an estimate.

Even though the rate will depend on how risky your case is, you should always get a fair cost. On the other hand, if a funder avoids telling you an approximate rate, this is usually a red flag and the first sign of a potential rip-off. It is also imperative to understand how the legal funding firm compounds their interest rates when they do.

See how the process works.

Having provided fast financial relief to many plaintiffs in the US, we have successfully set a standard with our flat rates for other pre-settlement funding companies to follow.

Our lawsuit financing application process is simple to follow through, and we guarantee fast payment of advance loans on settlements — plus we don’t impose compounding rates in our contracts. You will always get a detailed explanation of our interest rates upfront with straightforward agreement clauses. 

However, at Baker Street Funding, we only deal with plaintiffs who have hired an attorney on contingency. The reason why we insist that you have an attorney is to ensure that you understand the terms of our agreement and to ensure we get paid back if the case wins.

Once your online application for the lowest rate lawsuit funding is completed and sent across to us, you have done your bit. Our professional team of underwriters will take it up from there until they conclude your case review with your attorney.

We won’t bother you with paperwork or call you to make any extra submissions other than the application. Baker Street Funding works with your attorney to evaluate the circumstances surrounding your case and to determine your eligibility for the lowest cost pre-settlement loan. 

Finally, when your attorney comes through with your case documentation and we settle on a suitable funding amount, you will be credited as fast as possible. Also, our pre-settlement loans are 100% risk-free. You owe nothing if you lose the case

So what does that mean? Baker Street Funding financial products are non-recourse loans. Thus, you are not under any obligation to repay the loan if you don’t win a settlement for your claim — and that’s a lot of burden off your shoulder.

Considering that the company has a stake in the potential settlement amount when it’s paid, and funders absorb all the risks. So, you get to walk away if the case doesn’t settle in your favor. No strings attached, and no questions asked.

How fast can you get your funds?

At Baker Street Funding, we are applauded for our fast funding approvals. We understand the financial hardship victims of accidents and their families go through in protracted litigations.

To help alleviate this financial burden, our team ensures that plaintiffs get the lowest cost pre-settlement funding rate in the shortest possible time, usually within 24 hours.

The only delay you may encounter is if your attorney doesn’t provide the necessary documents or respond to our call on time. 

Is everyone eligible to get lawsuit loans with low-interest rates?

Your eligibility for the low-interest pre-settlement loans is also contingent on the strength of your case and the nature of your claims.

We should also mention that we mostly fund civil litigations and cases of injury where liability is clear and established.

Even though we offer the lowest cost pre-settlement funding for all cases, you can always request custom offers that suit your case.  

Why Baker Street Funding’s low-cost lawsuit loans?

Baker Street Funding is a reputable and professional legal funding company offering quick financial aid to plaintiffs in financial distress. 

  • Non-compounding interest rates (simple): Plaintiffs can now apply for the lowest rate pre-settlement funding without fear of getting ripped off. Regardless of the stage your litigation is at, you can apply for a cash advance on your potential settlement amount and get flat fees. Our lawsuit loan rates are the lowest, fixed, and flexible, so you don’t get stuck with high compounding interest.
  • Easy to access: Our lawsuit loans are easy to access, and you won’t encounter adversities. Rest assured that you are dealing with the best lawsuit financing company in the United States.
  • No credit or job checks: Underwriting is not concerned about your credit score or employment status. They are only keen on providing fast financial aid to plaintiffs, and hopefully, they use it to get the best settlement. 
  • Easy application: Our application process is easy and without any bias. If your case checks all our boxes of merit, you will get your loan approved within 24 hours. You must have attorney representation on contingency to be eligible for the lowest-cost pre-settlement funding. 

Learn more about interest rates with our lawsuit loan calculator.

Get larger amounts with the best pre-settlement loan interest rates.

There is no guarantee that plaintiffs will get their award immediately after a judgment is passed in their favor. Insurance can also take forever to pay the settlement amount in full.

In such situations, you can apply for our post-settlement loans. As part of our commitment to providing plaintiffs with the lowest interest rate for lawsuit loans, you can get up to 50% post-settlement loans to tide you over until your award is paid.

In simple words, Baker Street Funding offers up to 20% in lawsuit loans while your litigation is ongoing, and up to 30% post-settlement financing.

This should go a long way to help you alleviate financial pressure like rents, utility bills, and medical expenses. So, if you are looking to get the lowest possible pre-settlement cost, don’t hesitate to contact us at 888-711-3599.  

Contact our lawsuit funding team and get started with the lowest rate guaranteed today.

If you are ready to file your claims or you are already involved in a personal injury or civil rights case, our financial resources are at your disposal. Baker Street Funding offers personal injury lawsuit loans to injured victims in need of help fast.

When you need help getting a settlement advance with the lowest rate, you can reach out to Baker Street Funding for an expert guide so you can level the legal battleground and get the best settlement for your case.

Baker Street Funding also offers competitive fixed rates to refinance settlement loans. If you took out your loans and are not happy with the charges, you may be able to save money over the life of your case if you qualify for the lowest rate of pre-settlement funding as an additional advance.

Baker Street Funding’s pre-settlement lawsuit loans have flat rates —capped in the second year, no matter how long your case takes to settle. Call 888-711-3599 to get started with your application. Our lines are open for free consultations.  

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