What Is Third-Party Litigation Funding?

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Third party litigation funding

Litigation funding is a way for plaintiffs to cover the cost of litigation and obtain working capital while they litigate a claim. A third-party company traditionally offers this type of financing. They take a financial interest in the claim but do not influence the litigation. Essentially the third-party firm is actually investing in the outcome of a legal claim and can lose its principal if the claim is not successful. This is also known as non-recourse funding.

Third-party litigation funding companies

In the past, legal financing companies saw litigation as a liability and not an asset. Until the outcome of a claim is realized, a funder viewed the claim as a liability because litigation is expensive, and there is a drag on future profits. 

Litigation funding companies turn that liability into an asset by helping corporations offset risk and gain access to capital for everyday business expenses (also known as operating capital).

In addition, litigation funding further reduces the burden to corporations by not only covering litigation-related expenses but giving them access to a portion of a future award. 

Additionally, law firms also offer corporate clients partial CFAs (contingency fee agreements), and litigation funding for law firms can help that company bridge the gap to cover costs that the law firm does not cover under a partial CFA. 

Non-recourse litigation financing allows law firms to litigate more cases since the financial burden is lessened and helps offset a corporate plaintiff’s risk when investing in their own litigation.

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