Slip and Fall Lawsuit Funding

Settlement Loans or Pre-Settlement Funding?

Slip and Fall Pre-Settlement Funding:

There are as many as 25,000 slip and fall injuries in the USA each day according to OSHA. A slip and fall accident can result in lost work, medical complications and unpaid bills. If you have experienced a slip-and-fall injury and are awaiting settlement, Slip and Fall Settlement Funding may be the right choice for you. Unfortunately because of the large number of slip and falls each year, insurance companies thoroughly investigate these claims which leads to longer and longer settlement times. Our Slip and Fall Settlement Funding process is quick and non invasive in order to help you meet your financial obligations so that you don’t have to take a settlement that is lower than you deserve.

Slip and Fall Pre-Settlement Funding Access:

Since only around four percent of personal injury claims are taken to court, insurance companies take their time when it comes to paying claims. The longer they make you wait, the greater the chance they can give you a low offer that you are forced to take. With pre-settlement funding, you can have access to a lump sum of cash, or ongoing monthly payments while you wait for the insurance company to settle your claim, helping you pay your financial obligations in the meantime. 

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Slip & Fall Pre-Settlement Funding