2 Level Cervical Fusion Settlement Amounts

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2 level cervical fusion settlement amounts

The cervical region is the term used for the neck portion of the spine. This is a very significant and sensitive part of the human body, and an injury caused to this region can result in serious repercussions. 

This injury may result in permanent disability and, in some cases, may cause the death of a person. Additionally, the medical treatment for cervical fusion is very expensive. 

If you have suffered an injury to your cervical region or your loved one is suffering from a cervical injury region, you may be stressed about your medical expenses. If you want to know about cervical fusion settlements amount, you have come to the right place. 

Here, we will discuss two levels of cervical fusion and the settlement amount in these cases. So let’s dive into it.


An injury to the cervical region can result in permanent disability and lifestyle change. This means that you may not be able to continue your regular job and live the life you used to live before. In fact, any injury to the cervical region is considered severe and demands medical treatment.

Cervical fusion

One of the most common medical treatments available for cervical injuries is cervical fusion procedures, which helps to stabilize and bring relief to the affected region of the spine. 

A cervical injury can involve one, two, three, or more vertebrae in the neck. Depending on the number of vertebrae damaged, different surgeries are performed to deal with the problem. 

In addition, if one vertebra is damaged, a single vertebrae surgery will be performed. Or, if two vertebrae are affected, it will require a 2 level cervical fusion surgery. If more than two vertebrae are affected, then 3 level cervical fusion surgery will be performed. 

2 level cervical fusion surgery

In the 2 levels of cervical fusion, two discs are removed and replaced with artificial discs of some sort. Depending on the level of surgeries, the risk associated with the surgeries also increases. 

Usually, the risks in single vertebrae surgery are less severe as compared to the risks associated with the 2 levels and 3 level cervical fusion surgeries. 

Cervical fusion surgeries are very complicated medical procedures, and it may take several hours to perform surgery. To make matters more complicated, the patient spends months in recovery. For example, a C4567 surgery with an ACDF can have an average nine-month recovery period. 

Depending on the complexity of the medical procedure, the recovery period also varies. Cervical fusion surgeries are very expensive medical treatments, so victims of cervical injury receive adequate compensation for their treatment. 

Settlements in 2-level cervical fusion surgery are as high as 2-3 million dollars. But, the compensation awarded in cervical fusion is not standardized; thus, the amount varies from case to case.

2 level cervical fusion settlement payout factors

The factors which affect the settlement amounts in cervical fusion cases are:

  1. The number of vertebrae affected in the accident and the severity of the injury caused to the vertebrae. The more severe injuries, the more compensation will be awarded to the victim.
  2. The compensation awarded also depends on the complexity of the medical procedure performed for the treatment of the injury. The single vertebrae fusion settlement is less complex than the 2 levels of cervical fusion surgery. Therefore, the compensation awarded in 2 levels of cervical fusion surgery is higher than single vertebrae surgery, and the payment for the 3 level settlement is higher than all other forms because of the complexity of the procedure performed.
  3. The time needed for the recovery. In most cases, the victims of cervical injuries have to spend months recovering from the injuries. During this duration, they may not be able to continue their job, attain important family or social functions, and live life normally. In general, the courts of law will take these factors into consideration to determine the settlement amount.
  4. The risks associated with the surgery performed on the spine. 2 Level cervical fusion includes risks such as pain, bleeding, infections, etc. In some cases, the patient cannot recover and live with constant pain, and in other cases, the patient may develop a permanent disability. These risks will further require medical treatment, but the consequences are relevant factors to determine the settlement amount.

Settlement funding for victims of cervical injuries

The above-mentioned are the relevant factors, which are taken into consideration to determine the settlement amount in cervical fusion cases. The settlement of cervical fusion cases may take months to be finally decided. 

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