Injury Cases we fund

Personal Injury


Regardless of your type of injury, waiting for a settlement to make things right can take some time. If you qualify for pre-settlement funding, you can receive a lawsuit cash advance against your anticipated personal injury award...

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Car Accidents


Over 1,000 people suffer life-changing injuries on the road each and every day of the year. A car accident can leave you with life long injuries. If your life is collapsing due to injuries from an auto accident, a car accident pre-settlement funding can help you recover your life back...

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Slip and Fall


A slip and fall accident can result in lost work, medical complications and unpaid bills.  Our Slip and Fall Settlement Funding process is quick and non invasive in order to help you meet your financial obligations so that you don’t have to take a settlement that is lower than you deserve...

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Truck Accidents


All too often, a truck accident victim loses faith in the value of their settlement and accepts an amount much lower than they deserve. Fortunately, pre-settlement funding is available to help you receive the cash they need now, so they can maximize the true value of their settlements...

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Motorcycle Accidents


Because of the inherently dangerous nature of riding a motorcycle, insurance companies take their time to analyze and pay out on motorcycle accidents. Settlement funding can help bridge the gap until you are healthy enough to go back to work, or until your case settles...

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Railroad & Train Accidents


Train derailments, track obstructions, collisions, negligence or inexperience by the train's conductor, and other types of railroad occurrences can lead to disastrous crash scenes. With railroad and train accident lawsuit funding, you can...

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Medical Malpractice


Millions of patients are left injured each year at the hands of the very medical practitioners they trusted to help them. The long and arduous wait to receive fair compensation for your injury can become a personal financial struggle. With malpractice lawsuit funding, you can access money you need...

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Premise Liability


Premises liability cases are including but not limited to the following; dog bites, slip and fall, property negligence, construction negligence and other issues regarding you or a loved on being injured on someone else’s property. Lawsuit Funding on these types of cases helps you...

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Product Liability


If you were injured due to a defect in the design or manufacture of a product or because the manufacturer failed to provide proper warning of the risks associated with that product, you may have filed product liability lawsuit. Find out how Baker Street Funding can help you...

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Pedestrian Accidents


Recovering from a pedestrian accident can take years and involve physical therapy and surgery and some people are left with permanent disabilities. Pedestrian accident funding is available regardless of your credit or employment history, The money you receive is advanced to you based on your future final settlement. 

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Bicycle Accidents


Bicycle-related injuries account for approximately 23,000 hospital admissions, 580,000 emergency department visits and more than 1.2 million physician visits per year in the United States. A bicycle accident lawsuit funding has helped many  during such challenging times... 

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Bus Accidents


Since most buses are not equipped with seat belts, the injuries sustained when a bus crashes can be extremely serious. Pre-settlement funding for bus accidents is a financial lifeline for you as you recover from your injury...

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Other types of cases we fund


False Arrest/Imprisonment

Breach of Contract

Wrongful Death

Other Type of Civil Cases

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