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A deeper view into lawsuit loans.

Pre-settlement funding (aka lawsuit loans) is the process in which you, a plaintiff involved in a personal injury, civil rights or employment lawsuit, receive cash up front in return from your coming settlement.  While this seems like a  simple process, pre-settlement lawsuit funding aka settlement cash advance loans can take longer than anticipated when a plaintiff's attorney doesn't co-operate in the time the victim is expecting an approval. 

What you'll find inside this pre-settlement funding guide:

  1. Recognize the pros, cons and clowns pre settlement funding
  2. The two main types of  lawsuit funding
  3. A further look into pre-settlement funding (also known as lawsuit loans)
  4. Why do plaintiffs borrow money against their lawsuits?
  5. How pre-settlement funding compares to other financial options?
  6. The advantages of getting a cash advance from a pending lawsuit
  7. The pre settlement  funding process
  8. Looking into Baker Street Funding's average annual funding numbers 
  9. How to find out if a lawsuit loan is right for you?
  10. How Baker Street Funding can help
  11. Cases that qualify for pre-settlement loans
  12. Pre settlement cash advance question

The benefit.

Oftentimes, personal injury victims seek help due to the long going battle with the defendant's insurance company leaving the plaintiff in tough financial positions. Pre settlement funding companies are here to help you get through this tough period until you can finalize your settlement. By receiving a lawsuit loan, upon approval, you can make a positive impact in your own life. 

Disclaimer: Please be advised, pre and post settlement advances are not considered loans. All funding provided is non-recourse and repayment of funds is wholly contingent upon the successful settlement of your litigation. 


pre settlement cash advance

Being on top of your lawsuit settlement loan game.

There are many pros, cons and clowns when it comes to choosing a top rated pre-settlement loan company. Since pre settlement funding is a relatively new industry, there are some companies that may try to take advantage of your situation by promising what they can't and won't ever deliver. One of the annoying stations comes when these  "top rated lawsuit lending companies", promise you the world bringing zero results or ultra high interests. Talk is cheap. And so is the  marketing being used to temp victims into applying with companies that simple, again, cannot fulfill your "now" needs.

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"The best pre settlement advance deal possible from the best lawsuit loan company! Non-compounding!"

And so they say. Knowing what your rate is and what is on your contract is imperative. While pre-settlement funding rates can be high for a pre and post-settlement advances, make sure the funding company you work with clearly explains the contract to you.  At Baker Street Funding, we help you get the best deal possible on your lawsuit settlement loan, period.   

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Always ask questions prior to applying for a pre settlement cash advance.

Always ask questions and if you ever feel uncomfortable with the company you are working with, it is always fine to get a second opinion. 

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Lawsuit funding companies sale tactics.

 If you ever feel like the funding company is using high pressure sales tactics to get you to close on a transaction that you don’t understand you can always walk away and call someone else. 

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Dealing with pre settlement funding firms.

Most legitimate pre settlement funding companies can close a transaction for you in as little as 48 hours. There can be complications with your case that can make the process much longer, but if your attorney is being responsive and the funding company is dragging their feet, get a second opinion.

Read full article here > and learn more about the famous myths about lawsuit loans.


Cash advance on pending lawsuit

Legal funding definition: what are pre settlement advance loans?

Put simply, as stated above, pre settlement lawsuit funding (aka lawsuit loan) is the process in which plaintiffs involved in mostly personal injury lawsuits are provided cash in advance for repayment of principal plus a guaranteed rate of return if and only and when their case settles. The correct terminology is legal funding. Upon settlement, the plaintiff's attorney will pay back the pre settlement funding company the principal amount as well as a guaranteed rate of return. If the case does not settle for some reason, you don't have to pay back the funds. 

The amount of the advance is determined by the funding company who will analyze the merits of your case and determine how much of the future estimated settlement amount they can make available to you today. 

Lawsuit settlement loans do not involve credit checks or job checks and are solely based on the funding company’s analysis of your case and the probability of it being successful. A lawsuit loan is sometimes referred to as “pre-settlement loan” or “lawsuit cash advance” or a "lawsuit pre settlement cash advance". Essentially, this is an advance on the proceeds of your future lawsuit settlement

Baker Street lawsuit Funding, as seen in:

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Lawsuit funding

Pre-settlement funding and post-settlement funding.

The two main types of settlement funding are:

  •  Pre settlement funding
  •  Post settlement funding

  1. Simply put, pre-settlement funding (also known as a lawsuit loan) is given when your case has not yet settled and the award amount of your case is unknown. These are the most typical types of lawsuit loans and they carry higher interest rates than pos-settlement loans because of the extra risk involved.
  2. Post-settlement loans are provided when your case has settled but you have not received payment yet. While there is a lower risk, these advances are not risk-free because there is still a chance that the defendant can default on the judgment and not pay.


Lawsuit settlement loans

'If you don't win, you don't pay back the lawsuit loan.'

Every situation is different. Many plaintiffs find themselves in the position where they are injured from their accident and unable to make ends meet so you are now a victim.  Many people like you will borrow lawsuit settlement loans to help bridge that gap and provide you with the necessary cash to cover for your life’s expenses. Whether it is a personal injury claim, a false imprisonment case or employment discrimination, if you have retained an attorney, you now qualify for lawsuit funding.


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Pre settlement loans

Pre-settlement funding companies are not banks, many call it lawsuit loans but they are not loans.

Plaintiffs normally look at other financial options for funding before turning to lawsuit loans. This could involve bank lines of credit, reverse mortgages, borrowing from friends and family and other options. While some of these options can carry less interest than a lawsuit loan, they can also be based on factors like personal credit and job history. 

If you do not have spotless credit then many banks will not lend to you. Most plaintiffs find themselves in a position where they are unable to pay their bills and their credit is negatively affected leaving them unable to get traditional financing from banks. This is where lawsuit loan companies come in. While traditional banks do not recognize the proceeds of a lawsuit as collateral, lawsuit loan companies do. 

As mentioned above, lawsuit funding is a non-recourse transaction. This means that unlike a traditional loan, there is no monthly payments and no obligation to repay if the case does not settle favorably. There may be fees associated with an advance but all fees are paid upon successful settlement of the claim. 


Top rated lawsuit loan companies

How can lawsuit funding help you?

By acquiring the funds you need from reputable sources, it can give you an opportunity to deal with the insurance company’s long settlement waiting period. A lawsuit loan from Baker Street Lawsuit Funding may help you achieve a bigger settlement check so you don’t fall victim of the insurance company’s maneuvers that not only make you wait long periods of time to offer a settlement award, but the reward is a lowball offer. A lawsuit loan aka pre settlement lawsuit funding can help you say no to the defendant so you can support yourself in the time while your case goes to trial or you finally get the settlement  you deserve.

Cash advance on pending lawsuits



Are you looking to save money on a lawsuit loan? Baker Street Lawsuit Settlement Funding has you covered. We could help you save thousands. With low interest rates and fast funding you can pay for your rent, pay off backed up bills, or whatever you see fit. A lawsuit cash advance on the future proceeds of your pending settlementIt is non-recourse meaning: no win? no pay! It only takes 2 minutes to apply.

  • There is no credit or job check  in order to qualify.
  • Get personalized service that our competitors can’t match.
  • Lawsuit settlement funding cash in as little 24 hours from approval.
  • You can have  $1,500-$1MM in lawsuit cash advances.
  • No risk whatsoever! Pre-settlement advances are non-recourse. If you lose your case, you don’t pay us back.

If you have a lawsuit you can easily apply for a lawsuit pre-settlement funding loan (lawsuit cash advance). A funding company then will evaluate the merits of your case and if your case is strong, they will offer you upfront cash for the promise in-contract of repayment with a pre-determined rate of return when and only if the case settles. These loans are not based on your financial history as stated above and job and credit checks are not needed. These funds are non-recourse and only paid back upon successful settlement of your claim. If you don’t win, you do not pay back the lawsuit cash advance and the lawsuit funding company will practically take the fall on it. 

* Ultimately, the  payment is dispersed to the funding company ONLY when your settlement check arrives and the balance is paid to you.


Lawsuit funding companies should work harder for you. For everyone. That's why we started Baker Street Lawsuit Funding, and it's why we haven't stopped working for you ever since. 


Fast lawsuit cash advance

How does a pre-settlement funding company analyze your case?

The pre settlement funding process consists in the analyzation of your case for the purpose of underwriting a settlement advance through the following three main factors: 


The first thing the lawsuit funding company looks at is fault; all the facts surrounding the incident as well as the police report (if applicable), or any other supporting documents to verify that the defendant in your case is at fault. 


In accident cases, the second thing a pre-settlement funding firm will look at is injury. Ambulance and emergency room report and any other medical files so that underwriters fully understand the extent of your injuries. If needed, pre-settlement funding companies  also provide surgical funding to help you pay for surgery as a result of the accident. 


Finally, the lawsuit loan company will look at the defendant’s insurance coverage. This part is simple: underwriting will make sure the defendant in the case was sufficiently insured to cover the damages and/or injuries that resulted from the incident.

Same day lawsuit loans.

Is there such thing as same day pre settlement loans?

Same day pre-settlement loans are possible. Although we are not going to sugar coat the words here to get you to apply like other lawsuit advance companies do, lawsuit financing is possible to achieve in less than 24 hours. It is not an easy task, same day settlement loans are very difficult to do but can be done.

  • With pre-settlement funding, essentially your attorney would have to co-operate by sharing the files and speaking to underwriting team of the legal loan company the same day. If your lawyer is willing to do that, the the lawsuit settlement advance firm can analyze the case in 12-24 hours.

  • With a post-settlement loan, post-settlement funding can be done much quicker. All the settlement  funding company needs is one document. We normally will ask for a settlement agreement.

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Fast Lawsuit Funding


Lawsuit loan cash advances

Baker Street Funding's easy 3 steps into providing you pre-settlement loans.


Baker Street Funding’s team of pre settlement funding advisors will handle the intake and review of your application. Depending on a number of factors, you advance will either be funded by us in house or with one of our parter firms with a relationship based rate. To get started you can either call 888.711.3599 or apply with a few simple click online here.


Our team will work with your attorney to ensure our underwriters understand your case and get you the most amount of funding available now. Baker Street Funding requires you to be represented by a bar licensed attorney and for that attorney to participate in the due diligence process. The faster your attorney responds to our questions, the quicker your application will get approved. Baker Street Funding will, with your permission, contact your attorneys office to get a copy of your case file. Once we review your case documents we will have a call with your attorney to address any questions we may have about your case. After that conversation, our underwriter will issue an approval or denial. If approved we will send out paperwork for you and your attorney to sign. 


Once we receive back signed copies of your lawsuit funding contract (from both parties), we will immediately distribute the funds in the manner you choose. Funds can either be sent by bank wire or by overnighting a certified check to the address of your choosing.


Borrow money against lawsuit

Do you have a lawsuit and need money now?

A lawsuit loan is not the right choice for everyone, but if you find yourself in the situation where you are unable to obtain traditional bank financing and are in desperate need of cash, it could be the right choice. As with any financial transaction, knowledge is key and education yourself on the ins and outs of how a lawsuit loan works could end up saving you thousands of dollars when your case settles. Always work with a company you trust and always try to get a second opinion. If you find yourself in a financial hole that a lawsuit loan can help you out of, and you think the rate is fair for the risk that the funding company is taking, a lawsuit loan can be a great tool to help you fight for the settlement you deserve instead of taking a lowball offer from the insurance company because you have to pay your rent. Baker Street Funding is one of the top lawsuit settlement funding companies in the market  here to help you find the right lawsuit advance program through a positive, clear, concise and benevolent approach. From the moment you apply, you will get live updates on your pre settlement loan process all the way to the moment you get paid.  Baker Street Funding works with you every step of the way to make sure your experience is the best it can possibly be by keeping the client informed throughout the entire legal funding process and approving higher amounts with lower rates than our competitors. 

Get the cash you need as quickly as possible, Baker Street Funding will provide you with the best possible rate with no hidden fees and mark ups.


Choose the best pre settlement loan company in the market.

Getting a pre-settlement funding cash advance from top companies like Baker Street Funding that has been mentioned on major media outlets with 5 star reviews  has helped thousands of Americans get through the hardships life brings when facing a lawsuit especially those involved on personal injuries. Pre Settlement Lawsuit Funding is a MAGNIFICENT way of getting access to your future settlement award when you pick the right company. Then, you can re-arrange  your finances. Getting the lawsuit cash advance you need now secured by your future settlement award can help make this change. Whether you’re looking for an auto accident lawsuit advance or you’re in need of a small lawsuit loan, we’ve got you covered. Baker Street Funding is a leading online pre-settlement funding firm with one of the most efficient underwriters in the nation. Some of our services include:

  • Pre settlement cash advances can help you avoid the pitfalls of settling quickly for less money by making the cash you need now available so you can fight for what you deserve. 
  • A pre settlement funding company like Baker Street Funding can help you find the most convenient program advance on your lawsuit settlement for your time in need. 
  • We work with you every step of the way to make sure your experience with us is the best it can possibly be.
  • We work with some of the best former attorneys in America to help us efficiently evaluate each case and provide you with the help you need in the fastest time available.
  • We have the quickest turn around times in the industry to get you the cash you need when you need it. 
  • We make sure you get the FASTEST lawsuit advance solution at the lowest rates possible.
  • If one of our competitors offers you a good rate, we will beat it

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Lawsuit Lending.



To see if you qualify, please fill out our application online or over the phone. There is no risk to see what we can offer you.

Pre settlement loans in as little as 24 hours

Baker Street Funding offers the fastest turnarounds in the country where you no longer have to worry about not getting call backs. When you apply at Baker Street Funding, you will see that  your lawsuit settlement loan application is treated the same way no matter the size of your case.

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QUESTIONS ABOUT settlement advance LOANS?

Pre-settlement funding


 If you have a valid lawsuit and you need money now, your case is strong and you have a high probability of winning it, then more than likely, your case qualifies for funding. Credit and job history are not considered in our analysis of your case. Lawsuit funding is not considered a loan. It is a non-recourse financing agreement based on only the outcome of your pending case. To see if you qualify, please fill out an application online or over the phone at (888) 711-3599. There are no hidden fees and no risk to see what we can offer you.


Qualification requirement consist of:

  • You must be represented by an attorney.
  • Your case must be strong enough to win.
  • For settled personal injury lawsuits, a minimum settlement of $50,000 is required for funding. 
  • Your attorney's co-operation is a must. Without it, we cannot fund your case.


Pre-settlement funding and post-settlement funding are commonly known as pre-settlement 'lawsuit loans'. Lawsuit loan, is a commonly used term to describe pre and post-settlement funding. This is a transaction in which we provide you with upfront cash that is secured against the successful settlement of your lawsuit. They are extremely popular with personal injury and medical malpractice plaintiffs who find themselves hurt and out of work while their case is being litigated. For example, a medical malpractice plaintiff who finds himself hurt and out of work while his case is being litigated, will seek for financial assistance during this time. Any person who is heavily injured and in need of lawsuit cash, should know that lawsuit advances are an option. 

How long does it take to get approved for pre settlement funding?

It usually takes between 24-48 hours for us to analyze your case and see if you qualify. If you are looking for other products such as litigation funding or attorney funding, the process can take a little longer.

What if I have previous pre settlement lawsuit funding?

Baker Street Funding can offer you the ability to consolidate your previous advances and save money on future payments by giving you an overall lower consolidated rate. If you have previously gotten a pre-settlement advance and are in need of more capital, as long as you have a strong case, you may be able to get a cash advance on your pending lawsuit. Many of our clients come to us with previous seeking better treatment and rates. We specifically do our best on providing an overall lower consolidated rate. 

Can I get a pre-settlement cash advance without an attorney's representation?

For all pre settlement loan requests, you must be represented by an attorney. Non-recourse lawsuit funding is paid by your attorney and only if your case is won. The reason why this is, is because lawsuit funding is based solely on the merits of your case, we are not basing the advance on your credit nor job status. 

Do you offer the lowest cost pre settlement funding?

Many pre-settlement funding companies charge outrageous rates. At Baker Street Funding we offer fair risk based rates to our clients. Some of our clients have seen savings as high as 20% a year by working with us instead of a competitor.

Am I at risk with a pre settlement loan?

Pre-settlement and settlement funding is non-recourse. This means there is no risk in having to pay back the money if your case does not come to a successful settlement agreement. 

What are the alternatives to pre-settlement funding?

Traditional bank lending is an alternative to pre settlement funding, the problem is you can't access it with bad credit, no job history or a large amount of outstanding debt. You also cannot access if you had a bankruptcy recently and there are other hinderances that don't apply unlike when you get approved for a settlement cash advance because is strictly based on the merits of your case and nothing else. Its important to also try to get a personal loan from a financial institution, try to look into leveraging an asset such as a home, an automobile, borrow money from family members and/or friends; and if you can't do that, your only other option is a settlement advance.

Tell me about your rates

Many lawsuit funding companies charge outrageous rates or lie about giving 1% rates claiming they have low interests in pre-settlement loans. Their clients come to us looking for a company with integrity. Some of these lawsuit settlement loan companies say one thing over the phone, and SHOW you a different number on contract. You have to be very careful on this tactic. 

At Baker Street Funding, we offer fair-risk based rates to our clients. Some of our clients have seen savings as high as 20% a year by working with us instead of a competitor. Remember, if our competitors offers you a contract, we will beat their rates.

What states do you fund?

Baker Street Pre-Settlement Funding is provided in following states:

Alabama, Alaska,  California, Connecticut, Delaware, Florida, Georgia, Hawaii, Idaho, Indiana, Iowa, Louisiana, Maine,  Massachusetts, Michigan, Missouri, Montana, Nebraska, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New York, North Dakota, Oklahoma, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island,South Dakota, Texas, Utah, Virginia, Washington, Wisconsin, Wyoming.

* We don't do worker's comp.

Annual lawsuit PRE settlement funding investments.

Personal Injury

Personal Injury

Personal Injury

$12.5 million

Auto Accident

Personal Injury

Personal Injury

$20 million


Personal Injury


$9 million