Birth Injury Lawsuit Funding

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Birth injury pre settlement funding

Childbirths bring about joyous occasions of immense happiness for the entire family. However, the auspices of welcoming a new family member can sometimes be overwhelmed with sorrow and pain when things do not go as planned.

Childbirth and delivery at times involve complex medical processes which need to be carried with great care. Despite the inclusion and contribution of extraordinarily qualified professionals, there is always room for human error, mistakes, and negligence in medical and surgical procedures.

In cases involving childbirths and final-stage pregnancies, a negligent act or omission to do something can result in extremely critical situations. Any minor human error can result in life-threatening or damaging outcomes, putting the newborn’s life at permanent risk of imminent abnormality or disability.

How can birth negligence be caused?

Doctors or medical staff can be held liable for all injuries occurring out of their actions or even failure to act in a particular manner. It’s a duty, which is breached, and for which they may be brought before the court to obtain justice. They can be held accountable for anything done below the reasonable standards of their professional practice. This can either be through misdiagnosis of the patient’s pregnancy or its timelines and peculiarities while administering improper medications or drugs before or after childbirth. Doctors have also been reported for negligent surgical apparatus usage and for failure to correctly determine an emergency and perform the right procedure. Although all of the above instances of negligence are easily preventable, they may leave the baby in a vulnerable state for its entire life.

Why bring in a birth injury claim?

Parents of a child who has suffered birth injuries linked to medical negligence by professionals or the institution must bring in legal action against them. A successful lawsuit can be of substantial financial help for these parents, assisting them in affording many measures for their injured, disabled child. The award of damages recovered from the lawsuit can be utilized for medical costs incurred for treatment, including all past and anticipated expenses, along with physical therapies and rehabilitation. The monies may also help the parents arrange for alternative facilities, equipment, or modifications for the child, depending on their specific disability or challenges. The charges leveled against the claim need to be supported with strong evidence and proof of actual injury and damage. If successfully proved, the parents may also receive sizeable punitive damages, awarded only to punish the perpetrators of harm.

Filing a lawsuit and seeking financial assistance

A victim’s family may already be subject to severe financial constraints and hardships due to medical treatments and surgeries to improve the child’s condition. In such a scenario, potential plaintiffs can seek help and shift all financial burdens for their routine household expenses to a lawsuit funding program. Under this service, we offer cash advances to plaintiffs that will only return the money if the lawsuit results in a favorable award or settlement. Contact us at (888) 711-3599 to apply for instant financial help allowing you to contest a decisive legal action against wrongs suffered by you.

Ease your burden with pre-settlement funding

Dealing with a personal injury lawsuit involves much more than fighting legal battles. It brings emotional stress, physical pain, and financial worries. It’s a lot to handle, but you don’t have to do it alone. At Baker Street Funding, we understand the specific hardships you’re facing. That’s why we offer lawsuit loans to give you the financial relief you need, allowing you to focus on your recovery and your fight for justice.

Getting started is quick and easy—fill out a two-minute application online or give us a call at (888) 711-3599 to stabilize your finances sooner.

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