Paraquat Pre-Settlement Lawsuit Loans

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Paraquat pre-settlement funding

Paraquat is a weed-killing herbicide used to kill grass, weeds, and vegetation in both commercial and private settings. 

Paraquat has been used in the agriculture and landscape industries for decades. However, Paraquat is highly toxic to human beings. 

Exposure to this toxic substance may result in severe implications on the human body, including the development of Parkinson’s disease. 

If you have come across this toxic substance and developed health issues, particularly Parkinson’s disease, you filed a lawsuit against the manufacturers and are claiming damages for the loss incurred to you, you may be eligible for Paraquat pre-settlement funding. 

Paraquat lawsuits

The consequences of Paraquat on the human body depend on the amount and duration of exposure of an individual to this toxic substance, the route to exposure, and the health condition of the respective person who has been exposed to the toxic substance. 

Exposure to Paraquat may result in kidney failure, heart failure, liver failure, lung scarring, coma, seizures, muscle weakness, and other health issues. 

The paraquat lawsuit is generally filed by people who survive the ingestion or exposure of the toxic substance and later develop Parkinson’s disease or other severe health conditions. 

There is no treatment to treat Parkinson’s disease, and the disease completely paralyzes the human body. The development of Parkinson’s disease affects the life of the patient and has negative consequences on the entire family. 

The Paraquat lawsuit is based on the ground that the manufacturers of this toxic substance do not clearly warn about the implications of the toxin on the human body.

Pre-requisite conditions for a successful Paraquat lawsuit

In order to have a successful Paraquat claim, you will have to prove the following conditions:

  1. The first essential condition is to prove that you have been exposed to this herbicide. You will have to prove the exposure or use by providing evidence of working for a company that uses this herbicide, proof of purchasing Paraquat or living near a facility that uses the herbicide.
  2. The second important condition is to prove that exposure to this toxic substance has caused severe health issues. These health issues may include kidney or heart failure, the development of Parkinson’s disease, or other forms of health issues.
  3. The third important condition is to prove that the health complication has resulted due to the exposure of Paraquat. Therefore, you will have to prove a link between illness and exposure to this toxic substance with the help of a medical record.

If these three conditions are satisfied, you will have a successful claim against this toxic substance’s manufacturers. 

A successful claim will entitle you to receive damages from the defendants to cover medical expenses, pain, suffering, and other forms of loss incurred due to exposure to this toxic substance. 

However, it will take months and in some cases years to receive compensation for the loss incurred to you as the courts of law take a reasonable time to finally pronounce a judgment. 

Paraquat lawsuit pre-settlement funding 

If you are facing financial issues and you are unable to pay for your treatment or other expenses and you cannot wait for the adjudication process, you can apply for a pre-settlement cash advance. It is the most viable option available to you. 

You can contact Baker Street Funding to avail of pre-settlement funding at any stage of the case as long as the liability is clear. 

Upon approval, we will provide assistance to you and you will receive a personal injury lawsuit loan to ease your financial difficulties. 

So don’t take stress about your financial issues and avail pre-settlement funding today. Our interest rates start at 2.95% to 3.4% noncompounding per month, with a three-year capped rate.

Ease your burden with pre-settlement funding

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