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Premises liability is a serious issue that can result in wrongful death. In 2020, the National Safety Council reported that approximately 42,800 people died from preventable injuries in public places.

Property owners and managers hold a legal responsibility to provide a secure environment for anyone visiting their premises. Neglecting this duty of care can cause accidents leading to injuries and, tragically, even wrongful death.

Causes of Premises Liability Wrongful Death Accidents.

Premises liability is a serious issue that should not be taken lightly. These accidents can occur anywhere, and they often have devastating consequences on families who have lost a loved one due to someone else’s negligence. Some of the places where these tragic accidents occur include movie theatres, apartment complexes, airports, restaurants, grocery stores, hotels, schools, and work.

Whenever you see slippery floors, exposed wiring, or any other hazards, stay away from them. Being aware of the risks will help you avoid accidents in these environments.

Some of the causes of the wrongful death from a premises liability are:

  • Negligence of a property owner or manager.
  • Structural defects such as faulty stairs, slippery floors, or dangerous playground equipment.
  • Slips and falls on wet or slippery surfaces.
  • Negligent security, such as leaving doors unlocked or failing to have adequate lighting or signage.
  • Inadequate maintenance of the property, such as failing to fix leaks or broken pipes.
  • Failure to warn of hidden dangers in a premise.

The Damages You Can Claim in a Premises Liability Wrongful Death Lawsuit.

The damages that you can claim in a premises liability wrongful death case vary depending on the circumstances of your case and the laws of your state. You may be able to recover damages that could help you pay for

  • Medical bills.
  • Funeral costs or burial arrangements.
  • Lost wages and lost future earnings of your loved one.
  • Pain and suffering caused by the wrongful death itself, including mental anguish and emotional distress suffered by family members.

Proving a Premises Liability Wrongful Death Case.

The first step in proving your premises liability wrongful death case is identifying all of the parties who may be liable for your loved one’s death. This can include businesses or individuals who own the property, such as landlords or real estate agents. It can also include anyone who has responsibility for the safety or maintenance of the property, such as a building management company. In some cases, companies that provide products to help maintain or repair buildings may also be liable if those products malfunction and cause death.

In order for the liable party to be held responsible for the wrongful death of your loved one, he or she must have been either an invited guest, customer, or tenant at the time of the incident. This means that if your loved one was trespassing at the time of the fatal accident, the property owner may get away with it.

Overall, you and your lawyer will need to prove:

  • That your loved one was not the cause of the tragedy.
  • That the property owner had a duty to protect them from foreseeable hazards (such as a broken window).
  • The property owner failed to uphold that duty and prevent the fatal event.

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