Truck Accident Lawsuit Funding

Settlement Loans or Pre-Settlement Funding?

Truck Accident Pre-Settlement Funding:

An accident involving a semi-truck or 18 wheeler can leave you injured, unable to work and can change your life. According to the Department of Transportation reputed that there were more than 1.1 million interstate motor carriers a year. Annually, approximately 500,000 accidents occur in the USA. In 2010 alone, there were 1.1 fatal crashes per 100 million truck miles. Nonetheless, insurance companies work tirelessly to reduce the settlement amounts that you deserve as a victim of a truck accident. All too often, an accident victim loses faith in the value of their settlement and accepts an amount much lower than they deserve. 

Fortunately, truck accident pre-settlement funding is available to help accident victims receive the cash they need now, so they can maximize the true value of their settlements.

Truck Accident Pre-Settlement Funding & Injuries Reality:

Many times, the injuries sustained by victims in these crashes are almost always devastating. Traumatic brain injuries and spinal injuries are frequently seen and burns, punctures, and fractures are also common. Rehabilitation following a truck accident is usually extensive, and sometimes multiple serious surgeries are required. Working during this period is usually not an option, which is why truck accident pre settlement funding can help you make ends meet during your recovery. 

You Can Qualify for Truck Accident Pre-Settlement Funding!

If you were left with a truck accident injury and are working with an attorney to receive compensation, you may qualify for truck accident pre-settlement funding. A quick application begins the review process to determine your eligibility to receive a portion of your anticipated settlement in advance of your final settlement. Find out how Baker Street Funding can help you with an advance on your settlement and access cash you need right away. Our caring and compassionate team is available for you in your time of need.


Truck Accident Pre-Settlement Funding