Personal injury pre-settlement funding can help you get your life back

Experts tell us that 95 percent to 96 percent of personal injury cases are settled pretrial. Since only around four percent of personal injury claims are taken to court, insurance companies take their time when it comes to paying claims. By accepting the personal injury loan you need, it can give you an opportunity to deal with the insurance company's long settlement waiting period and rather take a larger settlement award. At Baker Street Funding we understand your personal injury claim is important and you need the cash to provide for your essential needs. With injury pre settlement funding from Baker Street Funding, plaintiffs can access the cash they need to pay their immediate necessities while waiting for a fair settlement from the insurance company or for the case to be decided in court. With personal injury pre-settlement loans, you can have access to a lump sum of cash FAST.  

Baker Street Funding offers a quick non-invasive approach to your injury settlement funding request. At Baker Street Funding we take pride on treating each and every injured client until they are satisfied with the end result. Allow yourself to be able to afford the long annoying wait of the insurance company's insensitive methods to settle your claim. Settlement funding for injury claims can help you tremendously.  If your life is at chaos and you are suffering with injuries from an accident, you are NOT ALONE,  lawsuit funding can help you recover your life back fast.

Speak to your attorney about us and we will be more than happy to help you get the funds you need fast.

Applying for injury loans

Settlement advances in fact are not pre-settlement loans or loans. A settlement advance for a personal injury case is also known as a non-recourse financing agreement for injury claims which means: if you lose your case, you don't have to pay us back. Settlement and Pre-settlement funding is an investment into the outcome of your lawsuit.  


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Qualify for personal injury pre-settlement funding in minutes

To qualify for personal injury pre-settlement funding, you must submit the details of your personal injury claim along with your lawyer's contact information for consideration by an underwriter. The underwriter analyzes the case specifics and makes a funding decision. If approved, you can receive a percentage of your claim right away after you and your attorney sign the injury lawsuit funding contract. Once you receive a settlement on your personal injury claim, your attorney repays the pre-settlement advance with the proceeds of the award. If your case is dismissed or if it is not successfully settled, you are not responsible for repayment of the injury lawsuit advance, there's literally  no risk to you, and don't worry, no payments will be made while your claim is pending. 

Debt from your accident.

Debt that is left caused by your accident is a reality for mostly everyone that goes through personal injury lawsuits, but this doesn’t have to define your financial future. If your case is strong enough, you had surgeries as a result of your accident and the defendant has taken responsibility for their mistake, then most likely, you can  get approved for injury lawsuit funding.

How an injury loan help your debt?

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The cost of your accident

The term “personal injury” when applied in the context of the law, means that an individual (plaintiff) was hurt due to another parties (defendant) intentional act or negligence. Plaintiffs involved in injury lawsuits generally seek the help of attorneys to finally receive financial compensation awarded for a variety of reasons including but not limited to physical injury, emotional distress and loss of wages. Getting injured as a result of someone else’s poor decisions can be extremely frustrating and even devastating. The circumstances that plaintiffs involved in injury lawsuits are touching. That is why more and more people are seeking for injury lawsuit companies that specialize in personal injury lawsuit loans because we can help get you the money you need so you can afford to get the compensation that you are entitled to. 

Injury cash advance money

The hard reality behind the injuries

Personal injury accidents can demolish your life because they take an unreasonably long time to settle. One of the factors that cause delays both for pre-trial and settlement purposes, is resources. Insurance companies usually take their time with settlements so plaintiffs get the minimum payment from them, leaving the person in awful debt due to the inability to work many times and follow even a simple daily task.  Don't let them get away with offering you a low-ball settlement and apply for injury pre-settlement funding today.

Personal injury loans

Getting help when you need it

Baker Street Funding is a top rated personal injury loan company and we are here to help you with the financial help you need through personal injury lawsuit funding FAST so you can settle your case with dignity. 

Apply for a personal injury lawsuit loan now and get paid.


Traditional loans

Injury loan companies

Traditional loans

Unfortunately, most people are going through financial challenges aren’t always qualified for a traditional loan. Most banks place great importance on credit scores and history. However, legal funding companies don’t look at a poor credit scores in order to qualify for settlement funding. While legal funding fees are typically high, we strive to provide a litigation friendly approach. This process takes into account a number of factors including but not limited to attorney qualifications and litigation hurdles that must be passed.Legal funding is not the only financial option for most plaintiffs, but for those who have trouble accessing a traditional loan or have financial issues, our simple funding solution provides you with a positive option for your well being. 

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Injury loans

Injury loan companies

Traditional loans

Lawsuit advances are not the same as traditional loans such as personal loans or credit cards. Lawsuit settlement funding for injury cases are non-recourse, meaning, if you lose the case you will be under zero obligation to pay the funds you borrowed back.

When you apply with Baker Street Funding, you will:

  • Not be asked for job verification;
  • Not be asked to provide a credit report;
  • There are no hidden fees or markups;
  • No risk, lose the case, you walk with the cash.

Injury loan companies

Injury loan companies

Injury loan companies

While many firms "lie" about them providing 20% of your pre-settled case value, the most you will get approved by any legitimate lawsuit funding company is 10% for a pre-settlement. Unless you case is settled, then yes the personal injury lawsuit funding company can approve you for up to 50% of your settled amount after speaking to your attorney. 

Anyone who claims they will give you more will either charge you 300% interest rate overtime or simply tell you when you get approved, that's all we can approve now and we will give more later, just to tell you later, they ran out of money or some bogus excuse. Don't fall for this deceiving tactic. Do your homework before you sign a contract.

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Learn about your lawsuit and how it can help you get the injury pre-settlement lawsuit loan needed

Filing a personal injury claim time limit:

In general, throughout the USA most plaintiffs have 3 years to file a personal injury claim, depending on your state, with the exceptions of minors. It is important to file your claim as soon as you get injured so you don't go over the time and lose the compensation you need.

Proving "fault": 

A good attorney will do all he or she can to prove the fault of your claim as long as it is a legitimate injury. This is one of the hardest things to do and only professional representation can achieve this. If you have had previous injuries, then it can become more difficult to prove who is at fault, but not impossible. Same works with legal funding, once a plaintiff applies for an injury loan and he has previous injuries, then the chances of getting an injury lawsuit cash advance can decrease. We will ask your attorney to provide for injury file, all doctor visits, medications taken, etc before approving your injury case. Good thing is that this can help us find out what the value of your case is.

Injury lawsuits go to trial:

Only 2% of injury claims go to trial within the U.S.A. When it comes to a fair settlement, both parties must agree on the number required.

Suffering from mental issues due to your injuries:

Doctors are professionals who can identify issues with the psyche. With a doctor's formal letter stating his findings that you are suffering from such and such as a result of your injuries you have a big chance  on case valuing much more and getting injury lawsuit funding.

No injury case is the same:

Your claim and final settlement will depend on many different factors as all cases are completely different. When we study your case, we go through these factors to give it a value so you can get an advance based on the value we give your case.

Sometimes, other people can file a lawsuit for you:

When it comes to a person lacking the ability to move and think such as brain injuries or if the person has died, then yes a family member can proceed with the lawsuit.

You can change law firms:

Yes you can seek second opinion if you believe the wrong firm is representing you. The injury lawsuit cash advance company will only work with attorneys that co-operate with us.

Injury cases can take up some time to settle:

Personal injuries are not easy tasks to take on, most cases take 2-3 years to settle sometimes even more due to the puzzle within the case. Top rated injury lawsuit loan companies will only fund cases that will settle within 1-2 years top. We are not interested on charging you a ridiculous amount of interest, but to help you. If your case is settling in 3 years or more, your chances of getting funded are very low.

The insurance low ball offer, you may be insulted!

Insurance companies like to cover their behinds just like any other business, the difference is that they are in the "injured" business and the injured can't afford to tell their landlord I cannot pay rent because I am not working, the landlord has to eat too. Many times it isn't fair for the plaintiff to get such offers, many times due to the need of money, lack of work because of the  injuries, the victim ends up accepting an offer that may have just ruined their lives. You may be able to get through this by applying for a personal injury lawsuit cash advance from Baker Street Funding.

Getting approved for pre-settlement injury funding:

When you apply for an injury loan, one of our experts will quickly call you to go over your case details, you will need to answer questions about your accident and how it happened, you will provide information about your attorney so we can contact him/her to request your case documents. Only with your attorney's full co-operation we will be able to help you get approved. The approval process is fast after your lawyer has sent all required documents, it usually takes 24 hours after your attorney has sent us your file. Sometimes even 12 hour funding is accomplished after when all case files are received. By taking an injury lawsuit loan a from Baker Street Funding (also widely known as pre settlement loans for personal injury or personal injury settlement advance loans), you will get the treatment you deserve and the funding you need FAST. Personal injury loans are not hard to get as long as you don't have pre-existing conditions, the defendant is clearly at fault and most importantly the severity of the injuries. 


Applying for injury cash advances

If you have had enough and need your injury lawsuit cash now, give us a call or apply now. We will do all we can to get you the advance from your future settlement proceeds so you can be at comfort while your case settles.


Personal injury claim settlement funding

Personal injury claims that we fund

Traumatic brain injury lawsuit funding

Common injuries that apply for lawsuit funding

  • Brain
  • Spine 
  • Organs
  • Skeletal system (broken bones)
  • Muscular injury (neck and back)
  • Whiplash
  • Burns 
  • Broken bones

REady to apply?



  • Dog bites 
  • Slip and fall 
  • Expected/intended harm
  • Battery
  • Defamation
  • Benicar
  • Assault and police brutality
  • Mold and toxic Tort
  • Negligence  (All Types)
  • Surgery robot injuries 
  • FELA (Railroad Accidents)
  • Azor — olmesartan medoxomil + amlodipine
  • Tribenzor — olmesaratan medoxomil + hydroclorothiazide + amlodipine
  • Pharmaceutical Cases – All Types
  • Olmetec  
  • Byetta-Januvia-Victoza 

  • Granuflo & Naturalyte 
  • Mirena IUD & NuvaRing Birth Control 
  • Pradaxa & Xarelto
  • Risperdal 
  • IVC 
  • Yaz or Yasmin 
  • Sexual abuse of any kind 
  • School abuse  
  • Auto accidents
  • Traumatic Brain Injury Funding
  • Actos
  • Defective knee, hop and mesh cases
  • Defective pain pumps
  • Stryker, DePuy, Wright, and Biomet hip replacement
  • Morcellator injuries 
  • Surgery funding


If you have had it with this lawsuit and need an injury loan now, write us now and we will help you get the money you need in 24 hours or less.


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Restrictions apply:

  • We currently fund Colorado at at minimum of $75,000.  Case value must be at least $750,000+. 
  • North Carolina at a minimum of $25,000. Case value must be at least $250,000+. 
  • South Carolina at a minimum of $25,000. Case value must be at least $250,000+. 
  • Kansas at minimum of $25,000. Case value must be at least $250,000+. 
  • Kentucky at minimum of $15,000. Case value must be at least $150,000+.