Workplace slip and fall lawsuit loans

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Work slip and fall lawsuit funding

Employers have a legal duty to ensure the safety of their employees, and this duty includes a safe working space that could prevent employees from being injured or killed. 

Similarly, employers are legally bound to train their employees in safety protocols and to provide safety equipment for workers whose jobs entail fall risks. If the employers fail to comply with these legal duties and an employee fall and suffer injuries, the employer will be liable to pay compensation to the employee. This article will discuss falls in workplaces and the legal remedies available to the victims.

Facts behind workplace slip and falls

Slips and falls are the leading causes of injuries and death in workplaces, and they may occur in any work environment. However, the probabilities of falls are higher in some professions. 

For example, the construction industry reports the highest number of fall accidents due to working conditions such as working from a height. In addition, other skilled-based works have an increased number of fall accidents. 

Workplace falls result in legal claims and may also result in financial losses to the employer, such as low productivity, increased worker’s compensation, insurance costs, and the expense of hiring and training replacement workers.

 In order to prevent falls, employers have to take substantial measures to reduce the risks of falls. 

Slip and fall injuries

Falls in workplaces may result in serious injuries such as fractures, back injuries, bruises, spinal cord injuries, and traumatic brain injuries. Depending on the severity of the injuries, an employee may have to undergo medical treatment and take a leave from professional responsibilities, and in some cases, the fall accident may cause permanent disability to a person, and a fall accident may change the life of a person. The victim will have to pay for expensive medical treatment and other financial needs. They may also suffer physical and emotional pain and suffering. 

If you have experienced a workplace fall and incurred injuries, you are entitled to claim damages for the injuries caused to you. You can file a lawsuit against your employer’s commercial insurance for the failure to take reasonable steps to ensure safe working conditions. 

You can claim compensation not only for the treatment of physical bodily injuries, but you may also claim compensation for the pain and emotional suffering caused to you. 

Pre-settlement cash advances for work slip and falls

The legal compensation claim may take months to be finally decided by the courts, during which you will have to pay your medical bill and other expenses.

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