Getting financial assistance after your car accident

Car accident loans can help you stay on track with your finances and on point with the insurance company's time consuming tactics, thereby, you may even be able to ease-fully achieve a well deserved settlement check for your injury. When you are injured in a car accident, dealing with the faulty party's insurance company can be exhausting, stressful and debilitating.  Out of desperation, you may be left out of work and tempted to take whatever lowball settlement offered.  Car accidents can have a significant financial impact on your family and most cases take years to settle. 

 Baker Street Funding is here to offer you the fastest and transparent auto accident settlement funding with low rates to plaintiffs like you with pending car accident personal injury cases. By providing fast and ethical auto accident loans with low rates to plaintiffs in pending car accident personal injury cases, we have become a recognized leader within the industry. 

  • Most of our requests are approved within 24 hours delivering you live updates of the process. 
  • Many times we are able to approve you as soon as we speak to your attorney
  • Our exclusive approach is non-invasive.
  • We provide live updates, expertise and experience, all of your questions will be answered in a descent timely manner. This has helped us rapidly become one of the best pre-settlement funding companies nationwide.
  • You repay the car accident loan only if and when your case is settled successfully. 
  • By receiving car accident pre-settlement funding from Baker Street Funding, we will provide you with an efficient and compassionate service that is dedicated to helping you get better.  
  • At Baker Street Funding, we review your case details fast. An underwriter with extensive experience in auto accident cases will  determine its value and once we approve your accident settlement loan, you can get paid in approximately 24 hours. Get the settlement advance you deserve.


Repaying your car accident loan


Accident pre-settlement funding (or accident settlement loans as they are often referred to) are not loans in the traditional sense. If the case doesn't make a recovery, you will not be required to repay the advanced legal funds to us, you pay absolutely nothing to us.  Car accident lawsuit loans also known as "pre-settlement funding" are investments into the outcome of your motor vehicle lawsuit. The funding company is providing with the car accident cash advance because we think your case is strong enough to win and pay us back. Just as your fee agreement with your attorney, a car accident lawsuit loan is non-recourse, meaning, if you don’t win, you don’t pay us back.  

A car accident loan can help you get through rough times

Car accident loans

 The money can be used for anything you see fit. Car accident loans can help bridge the financial gap allowing you to cover your expenses while waiting for your case to settle. Auto accident settlement advances can help you stay on track with your finances and on point with the insurance company's time consuming tactics, therefore you can even be able to easefully achieve a dignifying settlement award for your injury. If your life is in chaos, then pre-settlement funding for car accident victims can help you get back up so you can finally regain possession of your life and take control the outcome of your settlement.

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Need an auto accident settlement advance? Let's get realistic

Pre settlement loans auto accident

As stated above, when you're injured in a car accident, dealing with the at fault party's insurance company can be exhausting, stressful and debilitating. You may be left without income and tempted to take whatever lowball settlement is offered by the defendants insurer. If you are at this point where you are in major need of money to take care of yourself, the maybe you should consider taking a car accident settlement loan. In other words, if everything just seems to not be working in your favor due to the daunting issues car accidents bring, a pre-settlement loan for your auto accident could be the answer.

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"Stop settling for less than you deserve by applying for a car accident cash advance"

By taking an auto accident lawsuit loan from us we will provide you with a quick and non invasive funding approach. Car accident loans in fact are not loans. Also called pre-settlement funding, this is a non-recourse financing agreement meaning if you lose your case there is no further obligation for you to pay us back.


Pre settlement loans questions

Do I qualify for an accident loan if I don't have an attorney

If you have been injured in a car accident and have retained an attorney, we may be able to help you get the car accident cash advance you need rom your upcoming settlement. If you don't have an attorney,  suggest you hire one soon. Lawsuit funding firms do NOT fund accidents if an attorney has not been retained.

What is the benefit of getting auto accident loans

Car accident pre-settlement loans can provide you with the time needed for your attorney to finally obtain the best award for you. A pre settlement advance for car accident victims can help put the case in a better position overall, this way that your attorney can focus on properly preparing your case to WIN.

What is the insurance's role for car accident cash advances

An insurance company in general wants to offer you the least amount possible for your accident. Many times, victims of motor vehicle accidents find themselves in positions that are not even your worst enemy, from losing homes, not being to work and struggling to pay the main essences of life such as electricity or food. Auto accident pre-settlement funding helps victims get through these difficult times while trying to settle their case for more.

Auto accident pre-settlement loans timing

Baker Street Funding is the fastest within the automobile pre-settlement funding industry delivering prestige pre-settlement loans for auto accident victims with the lowest rates. We win this game for you!

People say car accident pre-settlement funding is not cheap

We are on your side. We have seen often times articles online advertising on how they care for the people, yet trying to take the legal funding industry out of existence. Don't fall for this payed scams! Don't let these insurance companies get away with offering you a a low insulting so called offer! You have had enough! Apply today for an auto accident settlement advance and get the help you need FAST. Insurance companies don't like us because we help the people.

Why should I choose Baker Street Funding?

 Baker Street Funding is here to offer you the best and quickest settlement accident loans with the lowest rates possible for your time in need. The satisfaction of our clients is based upon our approval rate and speed which mostly takes about 24 hours delivering you an unforgettable and positive experience because you are not just a client, you are family to us. Our reviews speak for themselves. We have also been recognized by major outlets. See more >


Automobile accident loans


At Baker Street Funding, we analyze your car accident case details with efficiency. An underwriter with extensive experience in auto accident claims will review your case to determine its value and ascertain if you are approved for your auto accident pre-settlement funding.


Your lawsuit's financial destiny will depend on how strong your claim is. In order to qualify for car accident loans and settlement funding; you must have retained an attorney on contingency basis and the lawsuit must involve the insurance company or self-insured entity.


The amount of a settlement value we give in order to approve car accident loans depend on some of these factors: the nature and severity your injuries the faulty factor meaning who was at fault, and the ability to let your case got to trial so you settle for a larger award.


Automobile accident loans approved injuries include: head and Brain Injuries; neck and back Injuries; amputation; burn injuries; amputation; soft tissue injuries and broken bones; herniated disk; disfigurement and scarring.


A deeper study into auto accident loans and if is right for you

To make it easier for you, we have come up with some fundamental reasons on why a pre-settlement loan for auto accident victims may be a right fit:


We recommend getting a car accident loan only if you are at the point where you cannot work. Car accident settlement loans should only and solely be your last choice when all other options are not available. If your essential needs are met, then is best to wait for your case to settle. 


The bottom line is, the insurance is not here to help you but to enrich themselves at the cost of your loss. Car accident lawsuits are tough and no one understands it until they go through it, saying you need to be patient is close to being insulted, here at Baker Street Funding, we understand that. We are not here to sugar coat words, we are here to keep it real with you. Truth of the matter is, if you can wait long periods of times and most importantly afford to wait until the insurance offers what you actually deserve, then you are at win. Car accident loans can help you afford the wait of your settlement so you can get a better award. 


An auto accident cash advance is as easy as 1-2-3 and it is 100% risk-free. If you lose your case, you don't pay. Baker Street Funding is one of the fastest accident loan companies offering loans for car accidents in the matter of 24 hours or less, with the co-operation of your attorney. We are committed to delivering results to you, the client, FAST. 




Causes, your auto accident, the insurance and why they don't want you to use accident loan companies

The most personal injury cases in the USA involve motor vehicle accidents. It usually happens when a driver was not following the rules therefore the careless driver could be held accountable for injuries caused from a car accident he initiated. Exceptions apply to "no fault" states meaning drivers can only seek compensation from their own insurance unless the accident caused serious injuries. 


Emergency rooms get about $2.5 million Americans every year injured un motor vehicle accidents. $18 billion in a lifetime of medical costs are to blame on auto accidents. Over 1,000 people suffer life-changing injuries on the road every day of the year. Over 33,000 people are involved in fatal auto accidents each year, according to the NSC. 


  • Drinking and driving
  • Texting and driving 
  • Speeding
  • Falling Asleep While Driving
  • Poor Road Conditions 


A car accident can leave you with life long painful injuries that can lead to job loss, the oppression of following your daily activities and even permanent disability which is why auto accident lawsuit loans become a lifeline for injured plaintiffs. Common injuries include whiplash and other neck injuries, spinal cord and back injuries, concussions and other head injuries, knee, ankle and leg injuries, brain, and back injuries.

Auto accidents

Car accidents involving minors

Truck accidents

Racing car accidents

Motorcycle accidents

Pedestrian accident

Bicycle accidents

Rear-End Accident Claims

Head-on Accidents


Multiple-vehicle Accidents

Hit and Runs 

Bus accidents

Taxicab accidents

Uber, Lyft accidents

Cruise ship accidents 

Train accidents

Subway accidents

Limousine accidents

Parking Lot Accidents

Commercial vehicle accidents

Construction accidents

Work related accidents

Police car accidents

 Ambulance accidents 

Fire truck accidents


RV accidents

Aviation accidents

Helicopter accidents


The piece of document every pre-settlement loan firm asks for in order to fund your case

There is a reason why we always ask one crucial piece of document, and thats the insurance policy of the defendant. The rules that govern each and every state differ and this can make the difference on the value we will give your case. Car insurance laws are stated below, it varies depending on which state you live:

  1. Pure Contributory Fault -   Loved by insurance companies, it refers to the negligent conduct of the plaintiff which determines the % of who was negligent within the accident. Under its rules in various states, whatever was amount you were negligent for, your recovery will be barred. In other words, if the insurance decides that you were 92% at fault, your hope for benefit is that you would still be able to recover 8%  of your damages from the defendant's insurance company right? Well thats not the case in pure contributory fault states. The jurisdictions which employ pure contributory fault apply to Alabama, District of Columbia, NC, and Virginia In  Maryland, North Carolina and Virginia, you will NOT recover if you were at fault for your injuries,  even if you were at 1% at fault for negligence, it's basically a dead case.
  2. Pure Comparative Fault: Disliked by insurance companies, this is more plaintiff friendly because even if you are at 99% fault, you can claim and  recover compensation from the other party. This means it allows a damaged party to recover even if it is 98% at fault, although the recovery is reduced by the percentage of the damaged party's fault, in this example it would be 5%. If plaintiff is at fault, recovery is reduced by the level of fault. Insurance companies are not too happy with such rule because the party at fault can also recover damages. 
  3. Modified Comparative Fault Rule:

  • 50% Modified Comparative Fault -  if you are 50 percent or more at fault for an accident, you cannot seek compensation for your own injuries. Any less than 50 percent and you can collect, subtracting which percent was your fault.
  • 51% Modified Comparative Fault -  if you are 51 percent or more at fault for the accident, you cannot collect damages. This means  if you’re hurt in an accident and it was partially y (51% or less) your fault, you still have a right to seek compensation but the recovery will be based on the degree of your fault meaning you will only get compensated from your accident for the percent you were not at fault.

Insurance types by state:

  1. "Tort" - Most states allow you to can sue the defendant. Unless there was severe physical damage, disfigurement and so on, the following states cannot go after the other's insurance as only your insurance will cover your medical expenses and that's where it ends. 
  2. "No Fault" - Regardless of who is at fault, this type of insurance covers medical costs. In no-fault states, personal injury protection (PIP) is required and drivers are limited in their right to sue other drivers therefore PIP will not compensate you for pain and suffering. 


  • Florida
  • Hawaii
  • Kansas
  • Kentucky
  • Massachusetts
  • Michigan
  • Minnesota
  • New Jersey**
  • New York
  • North Dakota
  • Pennsylvania**
  • Utah  

**No fault by choice means you have the choice to pick 'tort or no-fault' on your insurance.

Uninsured Motorist Injury Claims: This helps pay for harms when the other party doesn't have liability insurance. 



Our experts are ready to answer any questions you may about your car accident funding needs. We understand you are going through a difficult situation an we are here to help you get the best cash advance for your auto accident claim.

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