How Can Pre Settlement Funding For Auto ACcidents Help?

Auto accident pre settlement funding

A deeper look into traffic accidents.

Unfortunately, car crashes and traffic accidents happen a lot and a lot of people are either injured or killed. As there are more and more cars on the streets the likelihood of an accident increases. This is particularly dangerous in enormous cities with a dense population.

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration., last year there were 1.7 million people injured after being involved in a car accident of some kind. Additionally, there were 35,000 deaths as well.

However, car accidents are not only devastating for your wellbeing. They can also affect a person financially during that period. Expenses can sometimes reach up to thousands of dollars. Sometimes, your insurance will not be able to cover the cost of the accident. Many people are left in a really bad situation as they are stranded with added expenses and no way of earning money during those periods.

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How Are People Affected After a Car Accident?

People involved in a car accident can sometimes be left injured for prolonged periods of time. During those periods they are not able to work while the expenses build up. In most cases, people involved in an accident will have a lot of medical bills that they need to cover. But at the same time, there are usually daily expenses that one needs to pay for as well. These include regular bills as well as good items.

In such a situation a person can expect compensation and get some money after a settlement is reached. It will enable the person to pay for everything that they need and lead a carefree life until they get healthy. Unfortunately, the problem here is that settlements can sometimes drag on for months, leaving plaintiffs in a very bad situation.

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Are Pre Settlement Loans The Answer?

Auto accident pre settlement  advances represent a perfect way for a person to get by during this harsh period. If you have been involved in a car accident and don’t have the means to pay for your bills during this time, you can qualify for a lawsuit cash advance.

It essentially works in a way where you get the money that you need in advance and you can use it to pay for your medical bills or lawsuit bills. The company that provides these cash advances will consider your case and essentially give you the money you need during this period.

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Auto Accident Pre Settlement Funding Is Not A Loan.

Something that you need to consider and understand is the lawsuit cash advances are not loans. You are not loaning the money that you have to return later on with interest. Actually this is a much more civil and easier way for you to get help after being involved in a car accident.

Lawsuit loans are actually contingent on the outcome of the case. So if the plaintiff wins the case and gets the money they were promised via the settlement, the company that provided you the advance will get a portion of that money as compensation.

However, if the plaintiff loses the case, they do not need to pay back the money they have acquired from the company. It may sound crazy, but that is how things work. In either case, you will be secure regardless of the outcome of the situation.

Lawsuit companies will carefully study the case and determine the level of you actually winning. So you can be sure that if you receive the money upfront your case is as good as won.

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What Can An Auto Cash Advance Help With?

If you have been involved in a car accident, there are many ways that a car crash cash advance can be helpful. The most basic need in this situation is medical bills. Depending on the injury the costs can rack up and a person who is injured may not be capable of getting back to work for a prolonged period of time.

Legal fees are another thing that needs to be paid. Depending on the case and situation there are going to be a lot of legal fees that the plaintiff will need to cover before the case is done.

General living expenses will also need to be paid. If you can’t work you can’t earn money to pay for food or bills. Additionally, some people have car payments or need to pay rent. These bills can rack up quite nicely if they are not paid on time.

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Auto accident victims: you are not alone in this.

Car accidents can have a significant financial impact on your family and most cases take years to settle. Baker Street Funding is here to offer you the fastest and transparent auto accident settlement funding with low rates to plaintiffs in pending car accident personal injury cases. Most of our requests are approved within 24 hours delivering you live updates of the process. Many times we are able to approve you as soon as we speak to your attorney. Our special approach between providing live updates, expertise as all your questions will be answered in a descent timely manner has helped us rapidly become one of the best pre-settlement funding companies nationwide.  Disclaimer: Pre-settlement loans for auto accident victims in fact are not loans.  Pre-settlement funding is a non-recourse financing agreement meaning if you lose your case there is no further obligation to pay us back.

Auto accident settlement cash advances advantages.

When you're injured in a car accident, dealing with the at fault party's insurance company can be exhausting, stressful and debilitating. You may be left without income and tempted to take whatever lowball settlement is offered by the defendants insurer. Car accident settlement loans can help you stay on track with your finances and ahead of the insurance company's time consuming tactics, therefore you can even be able to achieve a dignifying award for your injury. This is a safe and easy way to get a cash injection while you wait for the settlement to go through. Sitting down and not doing anything is the worst thing that one can do. This is where the benefit relies and it can help you quite a lot to go through this tough period of your life.


What are accident settlement loans?

Accident pre-settlement funding (or accident settlement loans as they are often referred to) are not loans in the traditional sense or the correct term in finance. If the case doesn't make a recovery, you will not be required to repay the advanced legal funds to us, you pay absolutely nothing to us. Auto accident settlement advances can help you stay on track with your finances and on point with the insurance company's time consuming tactics, therefore you can even be able to achieve a dignifying settlement award for your injury.

How can automobile accident pre-settlement funding help?

If your life is in chaos, then pre-settlement funding for car accident victims can help you get back up though so you can finally regain possession of your life and control the outcome of your settlement. By taking a settlement loan for your accident (also widely known as pre settlement loans for auto accident victims), we will provide you with an easy and fast process.

How fast is the auto accident settlement funding process?

At Baker Street Funding, we review your case details fast. An underwriter with extensive experience in auto accident cases will  determine its value and once we approve your accident settlement loan. Get paid in approximately 24 hours. Get the settlement advance you deserve today




Getting Your Settlement Accident Loan.

If you have been injured in a car accident and have retained an attorney, we may be able to help you get the car accident cash advance you need rom your upcoming settlement. Baker Street Funding is here to offer you the best and quickest settlement accident loans with the lowest rates possible for your time in need. The satisfaction of our clients is based upon our approval rate and speed which mostly takes about 24 hours delivering you an unforgettable and positive experience because you are not just a client, you are family to us. 


Your Auto Accident Settlement Funding Approval.

Our exclusive approach between providing live updates, expertise as all your questions will be answered. Many times we are able to approve your case as soon as we speak to your attorney so if everything just seem to not be working in your favor due to the chaos a car accident carries, pre-settlement loan for your auto accident could be the answer, We provide the fastest approvals within the lawsuit funding industry. This can help you regain possession of your life and control the outcome of your settlement. By receiving car accident pre-settlement funding from Baker Street Funding, we will provide you with a quick and non invasive funding approach, a fast and compassionate service that is dedicated to helping you get  better.  


Your Auto Accident Pre Settlement Loan Benefit.

Car accident loans can provide you with the time needed for your attorney to finally obtain the best award for you. A pre settlement advance for car accident victims can help put the case in a better position overall, this way that your attorney can focus on properly preparing your case to WIN. Apply today so we can help you get the money you need at the time you need it. Don't settle for less. Contact us today.


Causes, your automobile accident settlement, the insurance


Emergency rooms get about $2.5 million Americans every year injured un motor vehicle accidents. $18 billion in a lifetime of medical costs are to blame on auto accidents. Over 1,000 people suffer life-changing injuries on the road every day of the year. Over 33,000 people are involved in fatal auto accidents each year, according to the NSC. 


Drinking and driving

Texting and driving 


2Falling Asleep While Driving

Poor Road Conditions 


A car accident can leave you with life long painful injuries that can lead to job loss, the oppression of following your daily activities and even permanent disability which is why auto accident legal funding become a lifeline for injured plaintiffs. Common injuries include whiplash and other neck injuries, spinal cord and back injuries, concussions and other head injuries, knee, ankle and leg injuries, brain, and back injuries. 

Lawsuit funding and your motor vehicle injuries

The most personal injury cases in the USA involve motor vehicle accidents. It usually happens when a driver was not following the rules therefore the careless driver could be held accountable for injuries caused from a car accident he initiated. Exceptions apply to "no fault" states meaning drivers can only seek compensation from their own insurance unless the accident caused serious injuries. If you have been severely injured and need money now to sustain your daily needs, call us for help.

Insurance companies and auto accident settlement advances.

There is a reason why we always ask one crucial piece of document, and thats the insurance policy of the defendant. The rules that govern each and every state differ and this can make the difference on the value we will give your case. Don't let insurance companies get away with offering you a a low insulting so called offer! You have had enough! Apply today for an auto accident settlement advance and get the help you need FAST. We are the fastest within the legal funding industry delivering prestige pre-settlement funding for auto accident victims with the lowest rates. We win this game for you. We are on your side. 


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Learn more about the insurance

Pure Contributory Fault

50% Modified Comparative Fault

Pure Contributory Fault

Loved by insurance companies. In 13 states this is a rule in which insurance companies determine the percentage of who was negligent. Under it's rules, if you are about to blame for your injuries even by 1% you cannot recover absolutely any compensation from the other party involved. 

Pure Comparative Fault

50% Modified Comparative Fault

Pure Contributory Fault

Disliked by insurance companies. This is more plaintiff friendly because even if you are at 99% fault, you can claim and  recover compensation from the other party. 

50% Modified Comparative Fault

50% Modified Comparative Fault

50% Modified Comparative Fault

If you are 50 percent or more at fault for an accident, you cannot seek compensation for your own injuries. Any less than 50 percent and you can collect, subtracting which percent was your fault.

51% Modified Comparative Fault

Uninsured Motorist Injury Claims

50% Modified Comparative Fault

If you are 51 percent or more at fault for the accident, you cannot collect damages. This means  if you’re hurt in an accident and it was partially your fault, you still have a right to seek for damages.

Uninsured Motorist Injury Claims

Uninsured Motorist Injury Claims

Uninsured Motorist Injury Claims

This type helps pay for harms when the other party doesn't have liability insurance. 

No Fault

Uninsured Motorist Injury Claims

Uninsured Motorist Injury Claims

Regardless of who is at fault, this type of insurance covers medical costs. In no-fault states, personal injury protection (PIP) is required and drivers are limited in their right to sue other drivers therefore PIP will not compensate you for pain and suffering.


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